The Causes and Treatment of Low Back Pain Must Read Tips

By: Lorna Hillier

I would like to cover every aspect of low back pain causes and treatment. In order to keep things short I have only included the major topics detailed as best as possible.
Low back pain takes the prize for being the most usual type of back pain suffered by patients. And back pain in general is the most frequent cause for people to visit the doctor.
Low back pain has a variety of treatments and causes. If we bend or lift heavy objects incorrectly, the pain can hit us abruptly or evolve slowly overnight.
Low back pain affects people of almost all ages, with those between 30 and 50 years of age being the most common. Teenagers are also sometimes affected by low back pain from carrying heavy backpacks every day causing strain on the lower back.
Low back pain can be different for one person than another, but generally it is caused by either working the back too much or not enough. The importance of realizing the causes and treatment of low back pain becomes extremely evident when you start feeling the first tinges of pain.
One patient may be struck down with low back pain from a super active lifestyle leading to overusing their back. While a 'couch potato' person risks low back pain from weak muscles due to their lack of exercise.
Many causes of low back pain may be very serious if left untreated. Such as heavy lifting, ruptured disc, osteoporosis, age, sciatica and spinal stenosis.
A bulging or ruptured disc if not treated early enough may be forced into the spinal canal and rest on the lumber and nerve roots. This shockingly painful condition is called cauda equine syndrome and is capable of causing permanent neurological damage.
Many cases of low back pain are caused by poor posture or improper sitting, lifting and bending. Mostly back pain including low back pain could be avoided with good ergonomics.
The person as well as the degree of severity of the low back pain will determine the treatment. Thankfully in most circumstances surgery can be avoided as it is not a popular option for the sufferer of low back pain.
When you first hurt your back, it is important to put ice on the sore spot for up to 15 minutes every few hours on the first day or two of the injury. This is very important to avoid swelling. It can also make the difference between fast pain improvement and the advancement to something more serious.
You'll mostly be prescribed analgesia and/or anti-inflammatory medication when you consult with your health professional about the causes and treatment of low back pain. X-rays would be recommended if your condition has not improved after a couple of days.
Unless something serious shows up in the X-rays calling for surgery, the doctor will usually recommend physical therapy, which is great in most low back pain cases. Physical therapy may feel painful at the time it is being done, but it will help in the end. You will also be given exercises to do at home to lesson the pain as well as protect your back in the future.
This article is to make you aware of the basic facts concerning the treatment and causes of low back pain. Please visit our site for more in-depth knowledge concerning all aspects of back pain.

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