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By: Richard Burton

Kuwait is moving ahead with strategy to introduce Kuwait offset projects that will see the country's private sector play a greater role in dynamic and steady economic growth.

NOC's criteria for selecting and supporting these projects are a sign of Kuwait's Economic Developmental Plan by give confidence as well as promoting and encouraging local businesses to try their luck in solid, bright and long-term joint business ventures with international companies.

The focus on selecting and supporting Kuwait offset projects will add significantly to the development of Kuwait into an economic and profit-making centre. The aim is to recognize can categorize projects in such a way that they will attract foreign investments and facilitate the private sector to play a leading economic role, as a consequence encouraging a competitive strength and enhancing effectiveness, good organization and competence."

The NOC was developed by the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) in 2006 to take care of the Kuwait offset Program. The Company plays a crucial part in managing direct offset projects by working closely on developing them with government entities. It also adopts a matchmaking role for indirect offset ventures, teaming foreign offset obligors with local entrepreneurs and institutions.

At the same time as the Kuwait offset Program's most important endeavor is to enhance Kuwait's economic enlargement by transferring expertise and technology, creating jobs for Kuwaitis and make available appropriate training for them, international companies have much to achieve from the investment opportunities obtainable.

The next phase may observe NOC centering on recognizing money-spinning investment prospects with high economic returns. Several investment opportunities are expected to become offered to foreign companies in the fields of power, transportation, communication and infrastructure.

Kuwait offset projects will enlarge their reach across key Kuwait's economy as the NOC looks to enhance the country's business-sociable environment by providing supplementary services for offset obligors. These procedures should help to increase and broaden horizons of the scope of offset projects, covering all most important economic sectors in Kuwait.

The Kuwait Asset Management Department answers queries of clients about online trading and work on online trading accounts enabling clients to deposit and withdraw funds as well as supervises service efficiency.

Investment Funds by Kuwait Asset Management are resourcefully managed investment schemes where money from diverse investors is shared together to invest in short-range and long-range instruments or securities, to generate returns with low risk.

The Kuwait Private Equity Opportunities Fund is a multiform and multipurpose fund which target at generating lucrative returns by investing in striking prospects in Kuwait’s private sector. The Fund therefore endeavors to contribute to the economic progress of Kuwait by supporting private sector companies that hold strong potential for growth.

The Fund aims to achieve significant returns by investing in diverse shares like participation shares, all types of capital and securities of Kuwaiti companies and entities that are not listed on the securities markets. The Kuwait Private Equity Opportunities Fund is constantly performing pleasingly. This resulted from money-spinning returns generated by exiting certain investments. As the Fund is a long-standing fund investing in for the most part unlisted companies, its final presentation will be determined as it exits investments over the approaching years.

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Richard Burton is a seasoned finance banker, with expertise in regional corporate financing and offshore investments. The author resides in Kuwait, and has been writing articles for various industry magazines and blog post for a number of years. Kuwait Offset

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