The Benefits of Second Hand Scaffold Towers

By: DanPartridge

Buying brand new scaffold towers might cost a lot. Buying a second hand scaffold towers can be a great alternative. And with the proper care, it might even last longer.

Why use scaffold towers? Scaffold towers allow workers to move safely along the face of a construction project above the ground. Compared to using a ladder, it is safer and it saves time from having to keep going up and down for materials and tools, since it has a large platform where workers can put their tools and materials within easy reach. It is frequently used in many DIY (do-it-yourself) and construction projects. It offers a much more secure and sturdy work surface than to use a ladder. Furthermore, it also allows more than one person to work at a time in the same area. It is very helpful, whether the project involves painting walls or ceilings or repairing gutters.

The Advantages of Second Hand Scaffolds

It is a fact that buying brand new equipments can be quite expensive. Most people will not buy these things because of the perceived cost. And brand new scaffold towers are actually quite costly. However, when a project demands it, scaffold towers can be a great time and labor saver. One of the best alternatives from buying a new one is to buy used or second hand scaffolding. Buying second hand scaffolding makes a great alternative to investing in new scaffolding. Once you acquire it, with the proper use and care, the second hand scaffolding should last a lifetime. This is because it is made of the same materials as the brand new scaffolds. More often than not, the steel pipes are painted for extra protection plus the walk boards or the platforms can be easily replaced when they get worn out or damaged.

Used scaffold towers might not look as neat and pristine as new ones but the way used scaffolding looks certainly will not affect the strength or the durability of the whole equipment itself.

Making Them Last Longer

Not all things are meant to last forever. Even though scaffold towers are made from very solid materials, they can also get worn out. But with proper care, use, and maintenance, used scaffolds can last much longer.

In order to help extend the life of the scaffolding, always store them in a covered area, preferably somewhere dry, to avoid the build up of rust. In addition, it is suggested to take the walk boards off of the scaffolding between uses. This prevents moisture from building up and becoming trapped between the boards and the metal pipes. Rust will be the primary factor that will affect the quality of the scaffold towers since they are primarily made from metal. And besides, they need to be kept away from children to prevent injuries.

However, there will always be a time that rust will develop. It is okay because it can still be removed by sanding the rust off and painting the area. By doing this, the scaffold towers will last a long time, maintain their resale value, and avoid workers from injury. And because of the maintained resale value, the second hand scaffold towers can still be easily sold. Also, one of the last things to consider every year or so, is to scrub the used scaffolding with a wire brush.

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