The Benefits of Breast Implants

By: Abigail Aaronson

Breast implants are very common today among people of all ages and backgrounds, and it is easy to see why. Breast implants have many benefits that make getting the surgery a simple choice. If you have not realized these benefits yet, take a look at the list below to see if these benefits are ones that appeal to you.

Makes an Unflattering Area Flattering Again

Whether the culprit is genes that gave you smaller breasts or pregnancy and breastfeeding, the ever-looming mixture of time and gravity, most of us want our breasts to look perky and somewhat large (by large, I mean at least a full B cup, not necessarily a DD). Our breasts don't have to look their age, and women who have different sized breasts can feel comfortable with a balanced chest. This latter issue is one that not only makes us feel awkward about the appearance of our breasts, but that also makes it difficult to find a bra that fits both sides especially if one is a cup or more smaller than the other.

Basically, we like it when our breasts look good. It makes us feel confident and better about ourselves. If you are no longer satisfied with the way your breasts look, then implant surgery may be your best option. Unlike the rest of our body, out breast size, shape, and firmness is one part of our body that we can't improve though diet and exercise. Most of the time surgery is the only way to make our breasts fuller and have rounder, more appealing contour.

Allows Us to Shape Our Body in the Way That We Visualize

Breast implants, along with other cosmetic surgeries, allow us to take control of our own body, instead of being forced to "play the hand we're dealt". Many people may just want a little tweak here or a small lift there; they love the opportunity to enhance their natural beauty by making their best features more flattering or by helping a not-so-great feature belong to the rest of their good looks.

Being able to shape your body the way that you want helps to give you a sense of control over your appearance. Having this freedom makes us feel as if our bodies are truly our own and allows us to make them into what we want them to be.

Gives Breast Cancer Survivors a Chance to Reclaim a Piece of Themselves

Many times women who have breast cancer must sacrifice one or both of their breasts in order to save their own lives. At the same time, they can feel like a piece of them was "stolen" and that having that feature back will help them recover emotionally while they also recover physically. Breast implant surgery can give these women something that no one else can - a chance to reclaim some of their womanliness, a part of who they are. Whether you are seriously considering breast implants or are just casually looking for more information, if you can see yourself in any of these three situations, then implant surgery may be the right option for you. If you are clear and honest with yourself about your reasons for wanting breast implants, you are more likely to make the decision that is truly best for you.

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