The Benefits of Astrology, Numerology and Psychic Readings

By: Teddy Jacobs

We have all seen how psychic readings are generally portrayed in the popular media. Mysterious women (usually gypsies) hold audience with those who seek knowledge of the future and use a variety of divination tools to provide answers that are often even more mysterious than the diviner herself. One of the most popular portrayals of these so-called "fortune tellers" involves the use of a crystal ball, into which the seer will peer in an attempt to glean specific information requested by the subject of the divination - usually a paying customer.
Among the common myths surrounding psychic readings based upon astrology is that people who seek information from a horoscope have first reached a point of desperation in their lives. Nothing more could be farther from the truth. For thousands of years and countless generations, rich and poor alike have sought to understand their lives and the world around them by seeking the counsel of learned psychics proficient in astrology. Many are the kings and nobles who dared not lift a hand in war without assurances that the cosmos were in alignment to approve their actions. Even the wife of one United States President took counsel with a noted astrologer - a decision that put her on the receiving end of many late-night jokes.
Like Pythagoras, St. Augustine later came to the conclusion that everything in the universe contained mathematical connections that could be ascertained through a careful application of both the mind and spirit. Even after the First Council of Nicaea proclaimed numerology a departure from the Christian faith in 325 A.D., and subsequently included it in their list of unapproved beliefs (alongside astrology, divination, and other supposed occult practices), there remained proponents who assigned spiritual significance to certain numbers.
It is difficult to provide precise assignations for each number, as different schools of thought hold a wide range of beliefs as to what each number means. However, most systems have at least a few things in common. For instance, the root numbers used in numerology are all essentially equal to one another in importance. In addition, every number has a wide range of both positive and negative traits.
Most adherents of the practice of astrology are quick to point out that astrology makes few claims about how your life will ultimately be decided. It is rather, a detailed overview of the aspects of your being, as influenced by celestial omens. While the discipline can reveal much about how you think and behave with the natural energies that you have been given, how your life is lived is entirely up to you.
In that respect, astrological psychic readings differ from many other psychic attempts at fortune telling. It primarily allows you a greater perspective that enables you to better understand yourself and your potential. So the next time you pick up the newspaper or log onto the internet to see your daily horoscopes just keep in mind that its merely guidance rather than what will happen in your life and shouldnt be taken to the heart!

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