The Applications Of Plastic Cards in Our Community

By: joalesto

When people mention about plastic cards, one thing instantly comes into our mind, the credit card. Let me discuss this with you now that there are many other plastic cards out there in the market today that are of great use in our society.

The identification card is one of the most widely used plastic cards and considered to be the most important too. As a matter of fact all of us should have one. It is a means of getting recognized and a confirmation of who we are. Important information is displayed on our identification cards such as our name, address, phone number and the name of the organization that we belong to. Schools nowadays have become safer because of the use of embedded bar code signatures in the identification cards of the students. People with no identification cards will not have access to the school or to its facilities without proper consent from the authorities. Such technology has helped school administrators keep the students safe within the schools from outsiders.

Loyalty cards are rampant and are evidently seen on stores, department stores, groceries and even cinemas. This kind of plastic card is a means for the company to reward their loyal and regular customers for their continued business. Some of the advantages and rewards of having loyalty cards would be the chance of availing discounts when shopping on certain products. Also, loyalty card owners may be given gifts or certificates if they have reached a certain number of shopping points. Such style and technique of keeping and rewarding loyal customers would surely keep your business growing.

Membership cards on the other hand are somewhat similar to loyalty cards and identification cards. Somehow it is kind of a mix between the two kinds of cards. Membership cards are given to people who are members of a particular organization. As such, the member is also granted specific rights and privileges in the group. Pertinent information which is crucial to the organization is placed within the card for purposes of identification. These cards have with them certain distinct designs that give away the nature and image of the organization.

Licenses nowadays are also in the form of plastic cards. The most common of which is the driver’s license. Pertinent information on the driver is placed on the card. A barcode or a license number is usually seen in such. A clean and formal picture is also evident on the card so as to identify the person with the license. The technology of plastic card printing is used in creating licenses since it is the easiest and fastest way of acquiring a license. Although many had tried to forge and make their own licenses, governments and other establishments have come up with plastic card printing technology that distinctly differentiates an original license from a fake one.

Smart cards are also important cards often used today. Examples of smart cards are automated teller machine cards or more commonly known as ATM cards. Such are considered to be smart cards since they are embedded with electronic chips. Smartcards provide security, convenience and portability. Other examples of such cards are keycards in hotel rooms. They have within them chips that can lock and unlock a door. Sim cards found inside our cellular phones are also considered smart cards since they carry within the chips data and information such as our phonebook or stored messages in the inbox.

All these plastic cards have proven their usefulness in our society today. Indeed we can conclude that such technology can lead to a more secure and functional way of doing business. Also, ease of handling, convenience and portability are big factors in making the plastic card a business solution of choice.

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