The Amazing Secrets of Getting Over a Break Up

By: Tony Rusoe

If you are going through a break up and you want to know how to recover then you are going to want this article. Dealing with a break up might be difficult however there are some ways of coping that have been proven to work for many people. Today i am going to share with you two overlooked ways of getting over a break up. They are easy to apply and work like a charm.
1. Allow Yourself to Grieve
Grieving involves going through denial, anger, guilt, bitterness and acceptance. Each phase makes you stronger or weaker, depending on how you tackle it. You deserve to grieve, and frankly, this is the only way you will really get over your break up.
Mourning is a part of breaking up, but you have to believe that this is just a phase that you need to live through before you can move on. Some people skip this phase completely and end up being more wretched than ever. You must go through these stages to really get over your lost love.
2.Turn your emotions into a letter
When going through a break up ,we are usually consumed in so much thoughts that we can barely think straight. There seems to be so many unanswered questions and its all so confusing. My advice, put it all on paper. All the emotions and unanswered questions, write them down. It will help you clear your mind.
Getting over a break up is all about training your mind to accept that the relationship is over. The reason i say that is because most of the pain you go through after a break up is triggered by all those thoughts of your ex. Thinking about who they are with currently, why they left, what you did wrong..etc. So if you can find a way to condition the mind to accept that its over, you will begin to think about your ex less and eventually you will be totally over them. But it all begins with the tips i shared with you today. So take action , you owe it to yourself.

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