The Advantages and Disadvantages of Coffee

By: Malcolm Odom

Coffee has been around for a long while now, and it is one of the most hotly debated beverages. General coffee contains cocoa and caffeine amongst other ingredients, and caffeine is the ingredient that gives people the 'wake up' effect. The effects of caffeine on the human body are under debate too, and these effects raise questions about how good coffee is for the human body anyway.

Caffeine in the coffee acts as a stimulant for the brain and nervous system. It helps people to think clearer and thereby makes work easier. Coffee is, therefore, one of the most consumed beverages not just in the office but on a general level too. New research has shown that coffee has some anti aging aspects too. The cholorgenic and caffeic acids available in coffee work toward removing the radicals in the body and therefore can defer aging. Some tests have shown that coffee has a diuretic effect, and can be used to promoter urination and even remove the edema from the body. Black coffee is the type of coffee that has the strongest diuretic effect. In some cases, coffee also acts as an anti depressant.

In addition, coffee reduces the heat in a body and promotes metabolism, which makes it an added weapon in the arsenal of people looking to lose weight. Coffee is also one of the most popular social drinks, and is a beverage that people can have while hanging out with friends. Today, it is not just a beverage but also a culture icon. In fact, many coffee drinkers meet each other and become friends over a cup of their favourite beverage coffee.

Like all foods and beverages, coffee has its disadvantages, and people from the medical fraternity highlight these disadvantages. Too much of coffee can have serious repercussions on people. They may lose sleep which sometimes happens with people having a couple of coffees to stay awake for a while, but cannot sleep all through the night because they had a one too much.

Coffee had diuretic features, so an over intake of coffee can cause frequent urination for some individuals. In some cases, intake of coffee can cause issues with the absorption of minerals in the human body. Drinking coffee has specific disadvantages for women as well as pregnant women. Pregnant women should not drink coffee because it can cause fetal anomaly. Not only that, the amount of caffeine in the body can decrease the chances of a woman getting pregnant.

These are some advantages and disadvantages of consuming coffee. Some of these disadvantages may kick in only due to an over intake of coffee. You should be careful about how much coffee you consume in a day, and you should consider the type of coffee that you have. If you do have experience any health issues after consuming coffee, you should consult your doctor and find out whether you have an allergy to coffee, or the ingredients that go into making coffee.

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