The 5 Most Common Charter Flight Myths

By: Jackh Obbs

A chartered flight is basically a flight scheduled to meet the needs of specific passengers or organizations. The commercial flight rates are already soaring, so you may think that the price of hiring a private jet must be enormous. They are not as much as you might imagine them to be. I have listed here five common myths of charter flights that are most certainly not to be mistaken to be true.

You need to be exceptionally rich to hire a charter aircraft: Wrong! They used to be hired only by the wealthy way back when the phenomenon of flying was relatively new. Today charter flights are quite affordable for the common man. Some charters may even boast of prices comparable to the normal commercial flight. Additionally, if you are not the kind to run on others' schedule, charter aircrafts are an ideal fit for you.

Scheduled airline flights are faster than chartered ones: A charter flight is instead faster than commercial flights, in regards with speed as well as other technicalities. You don't have to wait for charter flights to take off, but they wait for you to arrive. And you don't even have to wait for delayed flights.

Charter aircraft are huge and expensive private jets: Not necessarily. Take your normal land transport machines. There are limousines and standards cabs, so also there are private buses and the subway. Similarly, there are huge, expensive private aircraft and compact, economical ones. The small, compact ones are much better since they can travel right to the destination you wish to reach.

Safety lies in traveling with a major carrier: Charter operators are bound by the same safety measures as the major airlines. Their aircrafts are well maintained, contains the necessary safety equipment, and they have their path planned and foreseen to avoid any obstacles. You can say that charter flights are as safe as the major commercial ones, if not more.

Baggage restrictions are not a concern in case of charters: Be it any kind of aircraft, there will always be restrictions on the size and weight of your luggage. On large, corporate jets, though the restrictions may be compromised upon, they are limited. The size and the number of bags you may plan on getting along must be discussed in advance with your charter operator.

Fractionalized ownership is better than buying your own plane: Fractionalized ownership agreements are not always a good idea. When you buy into a fractionalized ownership contract, you purchase a plane with a group of people, generally about eight. That means that own a fraction of the aircraft. Some factors, like the number of used planes in the marketplace, can also affect the amount you receive. Did you know that after the 9/11 tragedy, many people lost money on their fractionalized ownership contracts because aircraft owners sold out and flooded the market with used planes? Additionally, since you don't own the entire craft, you might have to wait till the other commuters turn up. If security and privacy rank high among your requirements, fractionalized ownership is not for you.

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These are some common myths that people have about hiring chartered flights in Canada or anywhere else. A chartered plane is the best, quickest and a luxurious way to travel. Click on this link and get more information.

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