The 4 Keys for Offering an Excellent Customer Service Experience

By: Cary Cavitt

Every person on earth will be given the role of a customer throughout his or her life. From early on all of us becomes acquainted with being served by others in the marketplace. We can go anywhere in the world and find ourselves ready to be the customer. Simply reflect on this past week and we will soon discover that each day is filled with various moments in the role as the customer.

As we reflect on the hundreds of experiences that we have played in the role as the customer, we will also discover that some people offer us a better customer service experience than others. What will will also discover is that service in America is typically average. There will be those memorable moments when we have been served and given an excellent customer service experience. But on average, the memories that we have had as a customer is uneventful and soon forgotten.

In order to offer an excellent service experience, the person responsible for serving must genuinely care about the customer. If a service representative is simple working for a paycheck and not serving from a sincere and caring heart, the service will more than likely be perceived as average and quickly forgotten. Here's an important point to remember:

"Providing five-star service can only happen when we genuinely care about exceeding our customer's needs. Without caring about our customer, the service being provided simply becomes an act of following a job description."

When we sincerely desire to make the experience for the customer as memorable as possible, he or she will remember our service in a positive way. Customers will also see our service as excellent when they feel that we wanted their experience to be as pleasant as possible This is serving with the right intentions. Let's now consider four simple tips to show our customers that we care.

1. Five-star service is simply showing kindness

Showing consideration to our customers should consistently be offered by every customer service representative. It is only logical that anyone who is working out in front with customers should show hospitality. Remember that it only takes one employee to effect the customer's perception of the service if he or she is not being courteous.

2. Five-star service is being urgent

The next key in providing excellent service is to show our customers that their needs demand a sense of urgency. By this I mean that we respect our customers by seeing their request as important and give them the positive impression that we will quickly take care of it. We need to consider each request as a pressing matter that should be taken care of in an efficient and professional manner.

3. Five-star service is from the heart

Customers ultimately measure the service by the memory of the experience. This is why it is important to project a caring attitude. When they sense that we care about their experience, they will automatically give the service higher ratings. Creating a successful service experience will only happen when we show that we care enough to give our best and treat them in a way that we would want to be treated if we were the customer.

4. Five-star service is building a strong team

There are no limits when a company has a group of individuals who are excited to offer excellent customer service. This is because each member of the team has captured the service vision and they understand their role in providing an excellent experience for the customer. We must remember that every team member has an important role and that everyone working together will determine the final outcome of the service being provided.

Offering an excellent service experience involves creating a memorable experience that makes each customer want to come back again. These great service teams understand the importance of showing each customer appreciation. Projecting this attribute will go a long way in also making our customers feel like VIP's . This really is the secret if we are to consistently win them.

Delivering five-star service is really about enjoying it. In order to give great service we need to enjoy serving others. By enjoying the process of helping others, we will be better at producing five-star service. I believe that one of the best qualities found in customer service superstars is that they thoroughly enjoy serving people. This alone makes it all the more effortless in delivering exceptional service. When we truly enjoy serving others, our occupation becomes less of a job and more of a profession.

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Cary Cavitt is a expert customer service speaker. He has published seven books on the subject and is available for keynote speaking and onsite seminars throughout the United States. See more great customer service articles and customer service tips.

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