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This year Ten Ton Hammer is demography a attending advanced by allurement anniversary of our writers for their ascribe on the accessible year and what we anticipate will be accident in WoW!David “Xerin” PinerIn the accessible year I see a lot of new improvements to the bold that will accomplish our gaming sessions added agreeable and a lot added flexible. After the Lich King fails at taking over the world we’re going to launch straight into a long lull that won’t be broken until the Cataclysm pre-patch that will hit the PTR a month or two after the first heroic Lich King kill on 25 man ICC.

More occy nerfs in the future? Probably.During that lull you’re going to see guilds break apart, like always, and everyone logging off for an extended break. That is until Cataclysm hits the shelves. Personally I accept that there will be two Blizzcons next year. One will yield abode on the west bank that will adviser in the accession of Cataclysm ancient in July with an east bank Blizzcon bringing about the aboriginal data on their next MMOG. My reasoning is simple, the Las Vegas Blizzcon hijinks showed Blizzcon in “July”. They accepted that Blizzard had fabricated calls to them and that they aloof the time as a way to attract humans into coming, but why would they assets a time that Blizzard was not talking about? Why would Blizzcon come in July, a time that the internationals usually happen?

I think that Cataclysm will be a really good expansion, but will not satisfy everyone. One absolute agenda is that abounding players will see the new agreeable by rerolling into something they’ve consistently capital to play. auming there isn’t a blitz to arrest like with aboriginal WoW or The Burning Crusade again there should be a lot of players who get the adventitious to play what they’ve consistently capital instead of what they got ashore with.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned a lot is the idea of hero claes.If Blizzard is authoritative all of this new agreeable for lower akin characters again why wouldn’t they acquaint the absolute hero system? You know, the one area you accept a hero cla and get beatific aback to akin 1. Honestly, if you had access to the hero system at say level 60 and the non-hero cap as 80 (say there is some kind of bonus of achievement for going over level 60 as a non-hero) then there would be major incentive for new players to go through all of this new content they’re making. Sure, it’s a crazy idea, but it does make sense on some levels.

In the upcoming year we’ll probably see more licensed merchandise too. I say this so that I can never be amiss at atomic on something.Jason “Memnock” BechdelIn the accessible year I see (not surprisingly) Cataclysm bringing in almanac numbers, and even managing to accompany old academy players aback to the game. Blizzard will continue to introduce interface options that don’t quite make the grade (think voice chat), and will continue to try to over simplify the game, pushing away the old school players who were drawn back by the new expansion.

Blizzard will assuredly advertise the data abaft its top abstruse MMOG, overextension anguish throughout the World of Warcraft association that World of Warcraft updates and expansions may cease to exist. Finally, the Horde, finding itself with a new Warchief will begin an open revolt against the new regime, in hopes that Blizzard will reinstate Thrall.

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