Ten Fundamental Principles Behind Successful Internet Marketers

By: Pablo Guessi

The pace at which internet marketing is growing is unprecedented. But it also makes it difficult or virtually impossible for entrepreneurs to stand out from the rest with the overwhelming amount of online businesses being created every day. It is a daily challenge that causes 97% of online ventures to fail worldwide. So our main objective should be to focus on the fundamental principles that make up the exclusive 3% group of marketers to achieve success on the net.

The easiest way to clearly explain how to become part of that select group is by breaking the main reasons down into 10 points:

1.- Begin with the END in mind.

Marketers should always have a clear purpose of what they want their business and products to be like, and they must work towards that. Why? Because once you get to the end product, you want to fully recognize it and be on top of what you are currently offering the market. You finally want to become a market force in that specific niche, generating as much profit as possible.

2.- Know why you do what you do.

One of the most important principles for internet marketers lies in accomplishing the goals established by their mission statement. It is great to aim for a 100,000 dollars monthly income but, what does that really give you? Work for greater objectives that will make you feel good about yourself when you go to bed every night. That might be helping a relative with their current financial situation or philanthropy, just to name a couple.

3.- The Law of Attraction is not everything.

Harsh huh? Well, sad but true. You should in fact surround yourself with people and ideas that will drive you towards success and positive things, but that alone will not get you anywhere. You need the tools and training to understand what needs to be done and actually DO IT. That is one of the most crucial and fundamental principles behind real business achievements. It is like wanting to win the lottery but never buying the actual ticket; chances are it will never happen.

4.- Do not be a perfectionist.

This is a common mistake made by most marketers. Nothing in this world that is created by humans will ever be perfect. It is unfortunately in our nature, so the same applies to online businesses. Needless to say, people should not embrace incorrect concepts regarding internet marketing nor offer poor quality items; not at all. Just try to the best of your abilities, to come up with the best possible service standards and product line. By doing so, you will be shocked by the amount of success of your business and you will hardly have to postpone a product launch ever again.

5.- Always consider automation, leverage and scalability.

If a project cannot run on autopilot, it will probably take too much of your time. If you are not able to leverage existing systems and knowledge from current successful entrepreneurs, then you are sure to fail. Finally, if your business model cannot grow exponentially without increasing costs, well, you basically will not be generating or keeping profits on the long run. These 3 principles determine the level of success of all Internet marketers today. So keep that in mind.

6.- Form a mastermind group.

Marketers should always have the ability to network and start joint ventures without prejudice. Like I said previously, it is crucial to be willing to learn from others in the industry and be constantly exchanging contact information for future opportunities. We are creative individuals with unique ideas, so absorb all the knowledge you can and expose yourself to new groundbreaking concepts by being out there. Be teachable and active, and become part of a group of business visionaries with interests alike.

7.- Find a good and knowledgeable mentor.

Successful marketers will always relate his or her story to a business mentor, because they are constantly walking into the footsteps of millionaires and billionaires that worked very hard to achieve that status and their current financial situation. Keep in mind that it is far better to learn from the success of other people in the industry than from your own mistakes.

8.- Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

Wow, it even rhymes! It is all about being time effective and putting your expertise to work for your own benefit when running a business on the internet. If you are the best in the world at doing a specific thing, outsource or out-task it. I have not met a single marketer to this day, who is an expert on absolutely every single aspect of online business considering his or her abilities alone. Remember when I mentioned mastermind groups earlier? This is definitely a good reason why you should be part of one.

9.- Educated marketing judgment.

Do not, and I repeat, do not let your ego put you in a place where you cannot learn, or buy a promising product or escape the traps of useless persistence. Try to truly determine if some marketing technique is working or if certain additions to your product line will genuinely help your business model. You have to able to differentiate between that and a pointless course of action. So, be wise and avoid risks by analyzing the market and being honest with yourself and business associates.

10.- Stay ahead of the curve and industry competitors.

All the principles mentioned above will become worthless if you are not out there on top of the latest strategies and market opportunities. Again, expose yourself to new ideas and give them a try. Not all products are overpriced and not every online opportunity is filled with uninspiring and dull people. Be open-minded and willing to take intelligent risks according to your budget. Be smart and stay active!

Hopefully, these 10 principles will offer you and other Internet marketers in the online industry a broader insight regarding what we should have in mind before starting a business and also how to correctly run and improve it. What I am sharing here, is by no means a universal truth, it is an honest guideline based on personal experience and input from people that I have worked with before.

To your success.

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Pablo Guessi is an Internet Marketer who specializes on Online Advertising and organic traffic techniques. For more information on entrepreneurial principles and valuable free gifts while marketing a unique business opportunity, please visit: www.prmarketingteam.com

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