Telephone Interpretation

By: Zahid Hussain

Globalization and internationalization of companies resulted in the need to translate texts, brochures and Web sites into other languages and also the conversations in languages other than the mother, as well as the so-called three telephone interpretation.

But, in many cases, do not have professionals with enough ease to understand a telephone conversation or technical or legal issues in another language, so it is necessary to have recourse to a competent and professional translation company .

It doesn't do any translation agency, since it has to have native and qualified professionals able to interpret perfectly what they hear or read and translate it more faithfully possible.
Called three | Telephone interpretation

Email is not, at times, the most appropriate means to deepen in a negotiation process or treat certain aspects which require a spoken conversation.

At this point, the language can be a barrier and here is where comes in the service of telephone interpretation of a translation company, especially when the partners are in different locations, and even in different countries.
What is a call to three?

The spoken language is the best vehicle of expression that exists. Instant Messaging, documents and e-mails can give rise to misunderstandings or not sufficiently clarify what you want to express.

It is necessary to maintain a conversation to clarify certain conflicting points or are not understood well. If, moreover, must be done in a language other than the mother, the problems can multiply, so it is good to use a call three.

It's an international telephone call that puts in contact simultaneously to the transmitter, receiver and translator skilled in these services. The latter hears the message of the issuer in a language and transmits it to the receiver in the language of the latter.
Translation interpretation

But does not serve any interpreter, because that is not the same to translate a text to a conversation and requires different communicative and social skills.

While the work of the translator of written texts is more introspective and implies a mastery of written language; in the case of the interpreter, one of its strengths is its memory, so that can hold all the issued message and transmit it as more faithfully as possible in a short period of time to the receiver.

Only an translation agency specialized has good professionals of translation and interpretation in all languages. Its professionals are prepared to translate all types of texts and conversations: messages advertising, commercial and personal; documents financial, legal, literary and technical; websites and blogs; etc.

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