Teeth Whitening Myths

By: Vilma C.

So you see your favorite Hollywood celebrity again giving her best smile on TV. Oh, how you covet those white teeth. Yours happen to be yellow you can no longer perfect your smile. You are looking at having your teeth whitened but you are afraid of the issues going around like whitening will ruin your teeth. Don't believe this. Your dentist in Austin TX can advise you that this is not true… and so are the other teeth whitening myths:

Myth #1: Teeth whitening damages tooth enamel.

Most manufacturers of teeth whitening products make use of hydrogen peroxide, which fits as a bleaching agent. It changes into water and discharges oxygen molecule. Oxygen and water are both safe components. What damages tooth enamel are food items that are high in acid.

Myth #2: Each one can choose to undergo teeth whitening.

Not everyone, such as pregnant women and those who are afflicted by allergies from peroxide, can have their teeth whitened for several reasons. Some, though, have to hold off their plan if they have dental concerns like cavities, gum disease, uncovered roots and destroyed enamel. Their dentist in Austin TX will recommend treatments to these concerns first before he will permit you to undertake teeth whitening. However, those who have been through restorations like crowns will have to drop the idea because teeth whitening will not help them.

Myth #3: The procedure only lasts for a brief period of time.

This may be true if you do not comply with all the after-care instructions supplied by your dentist but generally, you can enjoy white teeth for several years, particularly if yours are professionally whitened. Similarly, you need to keep away from drinking coffee and red wine, as well as smoking, to prevent yourself from staining or discoloring your teeth again.

Myth #4: It is a matter of weeks before you can see the results you want.

Sometimes this may be true, like if you use teeth whitening strips and gels. However, some delivers results sooner than this. In fact, you will notice changes in the colors of your teeth in only an hour after dealing with treatment with your dentist.

Myth #5: All whitening toothpastes are safe.

In some ways, this may not true. Some products have crystals that harm tooth enamel. Others may bring harm if you do not follow instructions on how to use them properly and if they are used heavily. You may ask the recommendations of your dentist about whitening toothpaste products that you may think of buying.

Myth #6: If the procedure is expensive, the results are amazing.

Most of consumers think that because they paid for a higher price, they can expect better and more efficient treatment. This is not the case. The difference is the mode of treatment. Certainly, whitening done by a specialist is more effective than whitening gels and strips that can be purchased over the counter. Either way you choose, ask the advice of your tooth doctor.

Why carry on dreaming for whiter teeth if you can finally have them for real? Making yourself well-informed will stop you from believing in teeth whitening myths and will provide you with the desire of your heart. Call your dentist in Austin TX for visit.

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