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By: Tiffany W. Wilson

Everybody has that desire to look good and young. I mean, who doesnít? Given those qualities, you get lots of attention and opportunities that seem to cutback when you get past your prime years. Thereís clearly nothing wrong about growing up and growing old. You acquire many things as you mature--good ones at that. Yet, you lose that luster that only young age can bring. Most, if not all, have tried at least one cosmetic procedure or treatment that somehow hides your maturity outnumbering the days in the calendar. But thereís one kind of procedure your dentist can give that will make great wonders in disguising your age. Not only will you look younger, but more beautiful as well.

Iím not here to talk about cosmetic surgery. What Iím going to tell you about still is related to cosmetics, but this time more concentrated to the dental aspect. Have you heard about cosmetic dentistry? You could have eavesdropped about it from friends having a random conversation about a certain dentist or something, but hereís what it truly is. Cosmetic dentistry, also known as Ďaesthetic dentistryí, is a favorable avenue for people who like to conceal the actual aging process of teeth. True enough, cosmetic surgery becomes a revolutionary cause in the dental industry.

What does cosmetic dentistry do?

Cosmetic dentistry covers a lot of specialization in beautifying and regenerating the charm you exude to having that nice set of teeth. Different to orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry deals with a much broader scope. It does not only focus on the application of braces to correct dental irregularities. Instead, it uses modern dental facilities to lighten, straighten, repair and reshape teeth, depending on a patientís unique condition. Although cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized field in the dental industry, most dentists advertise themselves as such to market themselves to an extensive audience. Yes, the scope continues to broaden. It now conquers the mainstream arena--in Washington DC, Los Angeles - which also includes the lives of famous Hollywood celebrities and personalities.

Are you interested in joining the trend? Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist?

Looking for a cosmetic dentist isnít as difficult as you think it is. Everything is made easy given a wide array of technological means to come into contact with one. Basically here are the things your cosmetic dentist can do for you.

Tooth whitening. This is the most common procedure many people are interested in. There are two ways your dentist can suggest: in-office and/or at-home whitening procedure.

Porcelain Veneers. Application of custom-made porcelain wafers to the faÁade of teeth is a requirement. Such is mostly recommended to people aiming to improve appearances of damaged teeth. Veneers can also be used in whitening and reshaping teeth.

Tooth-shaping. Through the use of bonds and crowns, teeth look more organized as they help adjust teeth irregularities in terms of length, pointedness and shape.

Gum-lifts. This is done for clients who wish to lengthen the size of their teeth through gum removal. Also, this would be applicable in correcting uneven gum-lines.

With cosmetic dentistry, youíll surely get that youthful smile back! Let the wrinkles be, as they are reflections of how happy youíve been in the past. Focus on that smile. A youthful smile, compared to youthful skin and hair, speaks volumes.

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Tiffany Wilson is an assistant to a dentist in a local clinic in Washington DC. Know more about dentist Washington DC here.

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