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By: Michael Landonson Price

Ted Sumner is an Oregon State attorney and partner of Sumner Law, PC. Ted Theodore Sumner has been in legal practice for eight years. Ted Sumnerís jurisdictions are in Washington, Oregon, 9th Circuit.

There are two major areas of practice that Ted Sumner works in. They include Admiralty and Maritime. If youíre not familiar with these 2 areas of practice you should know a few things about Admiralty law.

ďAdmiralty Law is a distinct part of law which governs maritime questions and offenses. It is a part of both domestic law governing maritime activities, and private international law governing the relationships between private entities, which operate vessels on the oceans. It deals with matters including marine commerce, marine navigation, shipping, sailors, and the transportation of passengers and goods by ocean.

Admiralty law also covers many commercial activities, although land based or occurring wholly on land, that are maritime in character. Admiralty law is distinguished from the Law of the Sea, which is a body of public international law dealing with navigational rights, mineral rights, and jurisdiction over coastal waters and international law governing relationships between nations.

Although each legal jurisdiction usually has its own enacted legislation governing maritime matters, admiralty law is characterized by a significant amount of international law developed in recent decades, including numerous multilateral treaties.Ē

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As great of a lawyer as Ted Sumner is, he is not removed from the temper of the unfavorable actions of the internet and the public voices that speak out about Ted. There have recently been some unjust things written and published on the internet about Ted Theodore Sumner that are completely false. The portal that has released such false information is ripoff report. If you are not familiar with ripoff report, they are an online consumer forum that allows consumers to spread their opinion about transactions they were not happy about.

In Attorney Ted Sumnerís ripoff report, someone says that they had been cheated in some form or another. The person publishing the report signs his name as Dave from Oregon City, Oregon.

The problem is that Attorney Ted Sumner has never represented a client named Dave from Oregon City, Oregon.

What has happened cannot be fully verified, but it seems like a common case of competitorsí defamation. This is a very common, illegal, and illegitimate marketing tactic that is being used on websites such as ripoff report. If you review the ripoff report closely, you will notice that the report is written very loosely and does not provide any information about the case in which Ted Theodore Sumner represented Dave from Oregon. This is sign number one that the report is completely fabricated.

In my expert opinion, this ripoff report has been falsely published by a competing law firm in an attempt to ruin the validity of Ted Sumner for unscrupulous reasons. Attorney Ted Sumner is a legitimate attorney practicing in Oregon.

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Michael Price reviews the legitimacy of consumer complaints and has published this positive review about Ted Theodore Sumner, as there has been no misconduct. Ted Sumner or Ted Theodore Sumner as heís referred to by his full name is an Oregon attorney and practices under Sumner Law, PC.

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