Techniques to prove if your partner is cheating you

By: Michael K

The statistics are really alarming! More people are engaging in extramarital affairs or cheating on their partners than you might realize. It seems to have reached pandemic proportions! However, don't feel alone or blame yourself when it happens to you.

It's time to take a stand. Not only must we endure the circumstances, we must learn to live by a new set of rules. To do this, we must but be prepared for an inner-journey. In order to regain your self respect and your sanity it's going to take some �doing�. None the less, it IS possible to make sense of it all, and come through the ordeal as a new & improved, healthier & happier version of your former self!

Although this likelihood doesn't even seem remotely achievable when you first find out you're the victim of a cheating spouse or cheating partner, rest assured that a new day is dawning and there are decisions you can make that will help solve your situation. The key is, you have got to take action!

If you don't know for sure that your partner is actually cheating on you, but have the strong suspicion they are, one issue you are clear of is, this is not the way to live. Therefor, discovery is the first step you have got to take, whether you step off into it by chance and find out by accident, or if you find out on purpose through research of your own. The bottom line; if you think your partner is having an affair, then you have to gain knowledge of the truth!

One of the primary reasons individuals are having affairs en masse these days is that quite frequently we don't love ourselves adequately, and on that premise, we don't take pleasure in the life we're living of its own accord. The cheater tricks their self by thinking they require something they don't have, while failing to realize the bona fide riches their life is full of. The lure is imagining that the flicker of passion an illicit affair has, will alleviate the emptiness that lives inside and lead to a greater experience of fulfillment.

Cheaters are looking for a silver bullet easy fix solution that will make their discomfort go away and make them feel satisfied and happy. In truth, short cut fixes only make what's actually happening inside worse. The longing to get out of our own skin and live in a altered version of our lives is stimulated by an uncontrollable imagination. It may be a very tempting fantasy, but in the end, not only does this bring pain into the life of the cheater, but most definately, it brings grief of an altogether distinctive breed into the life of the person being cheated on.

When cheating occurs, the doors are swung wide open to extreme heart ache pain. This is precisely the opposite of what the cheater was hoping for, but because they were not looking at the real issues, deception took root. The end result of cheating is far from what cheaters even remotely imagined or thought they desired. This is why the type of thinking that brings a cheater to the place in their life that they willingly betray their loved one is so unmistakably based on lies, blind selfishness and denial.

The normal reaction when a person finds out their partner is cheating varies to quite an amount based on multiple factors. In general terms though, no question about it, finding out that your partner is having an affair is extremely devastating. The good news is this is just a temporary state. A person that has been betrayed by their lover or spouse can in fact come through the ordeal as a much stronger person, with or without their partner.

The question is, how do we come to this place quickly? How do we grow past the hurt and learn to live again with love and joy back in our lives where it belongs? It can be a soul searching journey, but it is most certainly one worth taking.

So, where does this start? Well, it starts with discovery, and more often than not has many layers where one discovery leads to one more, serving as a stepping stone to the next. When all the building blocks are back in place, the structure of your life will be on a firm foundation and ready to be re-built, but this time into the mansion of your dreams!

It is through discovery that you will start to live life, instead of life living you.

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