Techniques to Relax in the Office in Asia

By: Meg Wooldridge

When you go to work you go there to do just that – work (or so we tell our partners and bosses). However it just so happens that sometimes the best way to get more work done in a day is to take some time out to relax. Taking time out to give your brain a break can help you to regain your energy and to attack your work with renewed vigour… Other times relaxing is just much more fun than working…

The keen work-dodger then needs to know how to make his day in the office more relaxing. So here's a few quick techniques:

Make a mug of tea or coffee – Whichever your chosen brew (even if you like decaf…) nothing beats a hot drink first thing in the morning, or at any other time for that matter. For the ten minutes you have tea you can sip out of your warm mug while looking over the rim at your work and in that moment work is almost pleasant. Furthermore the actual time spent making the tea will give you a break from the monitor (and and let you have a chat and chill in the kitchen. Want longer? Offer everyone a tea and that way you'll win popularity too.

Check e-mails – Checking e-mails is great because no one can prove they're not work related. If you set up alerts you can even see what your friends have been up to on or Facebook without having to log in. Among other things you can set up blog feeds to arrive in your inbox or send viral e-mails. Those questionnaires are just too much fun to fill out…

Bring a snack – Almost as good as a cup of tea is a chocolate bar; better than either is both at the same time. Bring a chocolate bar in then and put it in your draw to savour for the perfect moment. This will also make your morning more enjoyable as you know it's in there… waiting…

Gaze out of the window – If you're by a window where you sit in the office then gazing thoughtfully out the window can make you look intelligent while giving you a break from the monitor. If you're on the ground or first floor people watching can also be great fun. As can pulling faces at strangers…

Work from home – Your job might not technically allow you to work from home but where there's a will there's a way. So if your work can be done from home do it when you get a spare minute then e-mail it in. Then you can spend your day at work doing nothing and hand the e-mail in at the end…

Use headphones – Want to shut out the world? Who doesn’t… Then headphones are the way forward for you. No one will know you're listening to Enya either… And if your work doesn’t allow headphones? Then just one in your furthest ear on low volume will do the trick.

Exchange massages – Make a deal with a friend to give each other five minute massages at your chair. Yes it looks weird but it's definitely worth the stares. Alternatively if you can afford it you could purchase one of those covers to massage your back… then charge colleagues for a go in your chair.

Go for a wander – Have a wander round the office and talk to colleagues. If you boss or manager says anything you can tell them that you're either talking about work or just on your way to the toilet. This will be a good way to stretch your legs and back too.

Buy a cushion – Turn your office chair into a relaxation station with a comfortable cushion and everything will seem a bit more enjoyable. If you get asked questions by your boss then say you have a bad back and quote 'health and safety' somehow.

So there you have it – the most relaxing day at work you're likely to have in a long time. Yes everyone will probably think you're an idiot, but frankly you’ll probably be too relaxed to care.

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