Techniques To Have A Bigger Bathroom

By: Coy Patrick

Most bathrooms are not designed as a room where much leisure time is spent. Many bogs are downright small and basically, uncomfortable tiny rooms. If closet is more the word you would use to explain your toilet, a little imagination and planning can make your bathroom look larger.
There are some general decorating methodologies that may be applied to make your small bathroom appear bigger without moving any walls.
To reinforce the appearance of space, mirrors are extremely useful. If there is adequate wall space, put a large mirror on the wall behind the lavatory sink. Mirrors reflect light in the room as well as reflecting colors and patterns. In place of one giant mirror, a grouping of smaller mirrors is also efficacious in creating the semblance of enlarged space.
Nothing makes a small area appear smaller than confusion. Cut the confusion to make the bathroom more attractive in general. Rather than hanging numerous towels, at most hang one pair in a light tone coordinated with the color ( s ) of the toilet. Instead of showing many tiny artistic pieces, select only one. Avoid using numerous small accessories, stick to only one. Whatever you don't need, stash it out of sight. Ridding the room of confusion will immediately make it appear more spacious.
If your little lavatory has visible obstructions like a frosted glass shower or bath door, replace it with clear glass. Better yet, get rid of the glass door and employ a shower curtain that can be left open when the shower is not in use. By becoming free of visible obstruction, your eyes will be able to see the back wall rather than vision being blocked by an obstruction that makes the room appear smaller than it truly is.
Extra lighting doesn't take any space and costs tiny. Lighting adds interest and opens up the appearance of your space. Recessed lighting, wall sconces and lamps add heat and the semblance of increased space. If expense is not an issue, a great way to make your bathroom appear bigger is to put in a skylight or an enormous window to bring more light into the room.
Color is vital in making a small room appear larger. Soft, pale, neutral tones create an illusion of space. Use "cool" colours to make a snug, serene atmosphere.
The colors on the floor are very important. Use a large, light colored rug to cover your present floor. A light coloured rug will make your small room appear much bigger. A nice plush bog rug protects you from the cold floor when you climb out of the shower. Apart from being pleasing for your toes, your loo rug must be ready to resist moisture. You would like toilet rugs that dry quickly, are not highly absorbent and are simple to scrub. To deter mold duck woven fiber rugs since they are terribly slow drying and hard to wash. Chenille and cotton are very popular selections for lavatory rugs as they dry swiftly and can be simply laundered.
Make your bog appear larger by clearing confusion, using lighting and color (be sure to include the floor) to give the illusion of increased space.

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