Teach a Child how to Fish

By: Pastor Brady

Teach a Child how to Fish
Get Them on Fishing, not drugs

Children should all grow up fishing. Dad or Mom starting them out and teaching them what to do so they are hooked, on a positive sport and not drugs or bad habits. Some where along the line, families forgot about generational teaching; Grand Dad teaching Dad, Dad teaching you and you teaching your children. Fishing is such a positive way to spend time together and share ideas on moral issues and other aspects of what it means to have real fun without going against the ways of nature. Children love to fish if they are started off with a positive fun experience; we see it every day here at: FISHING at Country Cove Village although, not unlike most of us, work and family situations prevent fishing as much as the Children would prefer to

So, what was it that Dads can do to make a difference? Let me give you a few tips.

First off, start them young. Get on the bank at as young an age as you possibly can. Obviously though you need to exercise parental consciousness about their safety. Whatever you do, DON'T plan on any fishing yourself, because here at FISHING at Country Cove Village that's just what parents do or at least one of you will tend to the children baiting, helping them learn to cast and play it in and then unhook the fish. If fishing is going to happen, the fishing will be done by the kids with your help! This lets you pay attention to them and not ignore them while you fish. I see too many parents getting frustrated with children who are "getting in the way" of their fishing; but once the child has learned the basic it quickly become a fun competition for all of you.

Secondly, make sure you plan the first trips to someplace that you can actually catch a lot of fish such as: FISHING at Country Cove Village. At this point, it does not matter what kind or how big, just make sure they can catch some. A small child's patience is very short, and waiting 30 minutes for a bite will turn them off in a hurry. You may need to go to a small pond where the Bluegills are biting on just about anything and everything and remember, this is for them, not for you. At least not at the start, but then stand back and soon they'll be teaching you, ready or not, it's in their nature.

As they fish, Brag and Cheer about every fish they catch. Make an exciting experience out of it. Take lots of pictures. Once you do this several times, they both boys and girls will be trying to take you fishing; like just about every day.

Remember though it is your parental responsibility to make sure that in that day of excitement, they do not get to hot or have too much sun; that will turn them off of fishing for it will make fishing equal discomfort in their minds.

As your child grows older, make sure they get their very own fishing gear to fish with. They need "their own" rod and reel, tackle box, and fishing hat, you know how important yours is to you. Of course, as he ages, those items will escalate in price, but it is worth the money, believe me. Then one day they will start buying their own special need gear!

We see on the news every day about kids of all ages doing really stupid things and getting in trouble with the law because their parents are just too busy for them. Get your children hooked on fishing and you will never have to worry about them or what they are doing because they will be fishing.

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Rev. Brady owns a Family Fishing Park and have written many articles for the holiday makers.

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