Teach You How to Choose the "Table Love" Ring

By: Sylvia

Maybe tonight, when you carefully selected out of the ring during the day, open the small red velvet box, everything will be different. However, when everything seemed so perfect, when, do not ignore the unexpected situations that may occur: When she was brewing in the emotion, the tears welling backward in time, the ring box open, there stood an old-fashioned ring, story came to a standstill. This scene is like "Sex and the City" in the clip, when Aiden come rocket pear-shaped diamond ring to Carrie to marry him, old-fashioned style to Carrie dumbfounding, the results of a romantic scene suddenly seemed a bit funny. Behind may have a lot of knowledge, teach you how to select current topics on the "table love "ring.

Love the classic diamond wedding ring

If you love soft and watery, nothing spectacular, the most classic diamond ring will be able to interpret your love, of course, must also have enough beautiful diamond While this style off. In order to avoid the aforementioned "story came to a standstill" scenes occur, even choose the most conventional diamond ring as a keepsake marry, but also a breakthrough, not blindly Zhigu diamond size. Supremacy of the aesthetic in the moment, the era of the pursuit of individuality, distinctive style is the supreme appeal
The 15th century, the Duke of Austria will be diamonds set into a warning, and then increasingly popular luxury models. 50 years of the 20th century, star Joe is dedicated to Marilyn Monroe sold millions of diamond luxury price. The 21st century, luxury diamond ring with princess makeup, Western churches, lace design, wedding turned into a great combination. Retro, simple, understanding, generous jewelry designers are to be interpreted as a keyword.

Obsession with a woman on the luxury models never rest stop. Group of the main diamond inlay shall select 50 or more points and more pure diamond, and diamond pieces inlaid thick, dotted with magnificent glory under the full contrast. Exclusive luxury in the summer rather drill out the color, clarity and color very similar to the diamond pieces, many piles to create harmony, such as wizard-like shine. Meanwhile, the designers also took care ring more thought, into which a large number of European inspiration, the arc C, round point set, flower, curves, over drilling, have been cleverly used in the new season on the wedding rings, luxury yet light. Diamonds luster of these fine women, or women to give the diamond more meaning? We can not define, but such a unique innovative luxury diamond ring, I am afraid the focus is immune to fragmentation.

Mix and match clothing fashion reflects a person's skill, rings mix the same. If you put the years only wear a ring, is indeed a lack of new ideas, then it may be another ring with the diamond ring to wear with that stack. Note that the different ring styles and colors of unity between, for example, is a platinum diamond ring if asked, then ring the other hand only proposal also choose cold color scheme. The ring is also necessary to distinguish between the primary and secondary, the other ring must be visually foil and set off a diamond ring, do not dominate.

Do not let the rings "mistaken identity"

Ring is the language of love. Wearing different ring finger, meaning different, so, do not wear the wrong ring finger. Internationally popular argument is: do not wear rings, said, "No flowers but also the main"; index finger that want to get married, unmarried; middle finger that has been in love; ring finger that has engaged or married; little finger.

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