Taming The Beast Within The Good Old Fashioned Way

By: Thomas Bronson

Panic attacks can hit anybody, and over the years, each household has devised its own ways to treat the disorder. While it�s not feasible to go from house to house to learn them all, a short list of the common ways to treat panic attacks is collected here. Trying out some of them may be the fastest way to overcome persistent anxiety disorders.

When you�re hit by a panic attack, your breathing increases and you hyperventilate. It�s important that you do not try to hold it back and instead let the episode pass naturally. Tell yourself that it�s alright to feel like this. By practicing this awareness, your heart rate will gradually reduce as tension is let go and you�ll regain calmness once more. Another recommended action is having a glass of water or two. Hyperventilating can dehydrate the body and you�ll need to replenish the fluids quickly.

Another type of panic attacks cure concerns your diet and supply of vital nutrients. A deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals like calcium, b-complex vitamins and magnesium can trigger anxiety attacks. Try to avoid refined sugars such as artificial sweeteners, caffeine and sodas. This is because caffeine is a stimulant and can escalate the heart rate. Don�t consume too much alcohol and drugs as they can use up the body�s supply of vitamins during metabolism.

When you feel the onset of an anxiety attack, quickly find a place to lie down and practice this breathing exercise. You breathe from your diaphragm by taking in air from your nose and expanding your tummy on inhale and then slowly exhale through your nose while deflating the abdomen. If you become light headed, stop for a few seconds then continue again. This belly breathing will naturally slow down the heart rate. As the panic sensation goes away, you can reward yourself with a hot bubble bath, relaxing music and a hot drink.

The soothing aroma of lavender essential oil is a tried and true muscle relaxant as well as a great panic disorder help. Use a cotton ball and dab a few drops to be stashed away in a zip lock bag for use when you need it most. Instead of spending money on a valium prescription why not try a natural alternative without the side effects? You could opt for magnesium glycinate capsules and 500-2000 mg of niacinamide a day and they work the same as valium but they�re cheaper.

Holistic approaches are responsible for a number of traditional cures that are never outdated. Acupuncture, meditation, prayer and yoga are developed by experts and have always been around for those who are willing to try them out. Different people resort to different methods for the control of their disorder. The best way to find a cure that works is to be experimental and open-minded enough to give other practices the benefit of a doubt. Whilst some home remedies are restricted to people of a certain spiritual descent, Shiatsu and Tai Chi Chuan, there are other more universal treatments that are easier to adopt.

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