Talking about American Teen Movies: Bring It On Four

By: Anne Tide

The spate of different teen comedies that are coming out of the well known money-making industry called Hollywood does not seem to have various abates; here comes the latest one, Bring It On Four, a sort of easy flick set that is played by the cream of the American feminine society, namely cheerleaders. The leading cheerleader has inherited the special captaincy of a well known high school cheer leading team - a squad with quite a lot when it comes to living up to. Therefore, you can admit the fact that there is something like competitive cheerleader out there. However, when this leader discovers the previous skipper to be too poor for the team to attend, she is determined in order to make her team win all the credit and results it deserves.

Amid the bickering of her colleagues, the leader’s main help is a feisty new girl .This is sort of a lightweight stuff that is to be encountered almost in every teen movie; but this movie zooms along this subject thus cleverly managing even to take its entire subject matter seriously. At the same time, the movie is actually poking fun at it without becoming too serious for the watcher to pay attention to these details. You can also sense a particular feature, namely a pleasant difference. This difference consists in the fact that the team members are actually acknowledged as genuine skilled athletes and gifted gymnasts; these characters have an amazing sport routine that is likely to emphasize all their abilities when it comes to covering the movie’s plot itself. Actually, these blonde heroines are not dismissed because of the color of their hair; they are given some credit and everyone is surprised to find out that they are able to think besides their dancing and singing exercises

Kierstin Koppel manages to give some credibility to her own character in spite of her ridiculous and quite mindless gestures and postures. If her life as a character is a tad predictable, the watcher can actually enjoy climaxing when seeing the inevitable showdown between the cheerleader team and the city squad. Even the spiky interplay should be enjoyed and this interplay is to be regarded as a quite continuous one that takes place between all the characters. Knowing the way that they can perform while on field makes these cheerleaders quite confident in their powers. The teen self-esteem is enhanced in order to prove the fact that more room is to be made for it in the world of the adult pride. The sexy cheerleaders are likely to add a brash and new feel to all these routine proceedings.

But the constant watcher of movies that are related to the cheerleader routine should not convince himself of the fact that he can actually run and jump like them, meaning that they are not to be respected for the acrobatics that are implied by every performance on field. The previous thoughts can actually belong to a parent who is not so convinced of the utility of these so-called teen movies. Actually, there are plenty of parents who consider this type of movie to be a sort of corrupting device. And there is more to be added to this opinion because a movie like Bring It On Four, where actresses like Kierstin Koppel try to convince as much as they can, is to be regarded as a modern device that is completely indifferent when it comes to the teenagers’ developing values. This is likely to happen thanks to a cynical reason, namely the fact that the theatres need to sell all their tickets in order to be able to survive without taking into consideration the real needs of the modern teenagers.

The most negative feature of this file is the fact that it presents life itself as being a R-rated comedy which is not the case in the real world; raunchy language is always used in order to emphasize all the so-called trends that are to be found in the teenagers’ world together with regular jokes about sex. The startling cheerleaders’ songs, even the ones that are sang by Kierstin Koppel are likely to make an adult smile but a teenager will think twice about how to interpret them. Children playing adults are likely to be spotted all along; this type of play is likely to mix all the spicy ingredients that belong to an adult’s life. Therefore, this type of movie will try to have it all, namely it will try to become the sex comedy, the cheerleading intrigue, the romance and even the condescending treatment when it comes to the black schools. The big climax will also be added later in order to exhaust every possibility when it comes to the American college and high school. All these issues will be recycled in order to result into a bright new story that is not likely to convince anyone of its plot.

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Kierstin Koppel is one of the actress who play in teen movies that are accused of being too shallow by many of the American parents who do not manage to understand why such films are likely to benefit to their kid’s lives especially if Bring It On Four seems to mix all the hot features of an adult life.

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