Talk Yourself Into Walking Success

By: Sarah Carlye

Walking can help almost everyone to become more fit and to loose weight. Just setting goals for walking isn’t enough to be successful in becoming more fit and to loose weight. You will need to talk yourself into sticking with walking until you see results and then you will need to keep talking yourself into continuing walking to maintain your new look and fitness level. Even with wearing a shoe like Stepgym instead of traditional walking shoes or common gym shoes, it may be difficult to maintain consistency when walking if you are talking yourself out of success.

You may be talking yourself out of walking success if you find yourself saying the following:

• I hate walking, but I need to do it
• Walking is so boring
• I barely see any results from walking
• It is too cold/hot/wet/windy to walk
• No one ever wants to go with me to walk
• I hate walking with my dog
• Time drags when I walk

From the Bible to motivational speakers, it is agreed upon…what you say has an impact. Of course you can’t talk today into being tomorrow, it has to come on its own, but what we think and say can influence other areas of your life. Do you really want to be successful at loosing weight and becoming more fit simply by walking? If the answer is yes, you will need to talk yourself into walking success.

Reality isn’t a feeling. Time can pass by and if feel like it passes slow or fast. The reality is that time passes exactly the same every second, minute, hour, day, etc. Maybe you don’t feel like walking, but you can make enjoying walking a reality.

Take a test. Try eliminating all negative talk about walking for 30 days. Replace it with positive talk about walking and see if how you feel about walking changes. Try talking yourself into walking success by saying (and thinking) the following:

• I enjoy walking more every day and it is working to get me in shape and loose weight.
• I relax while walking because I take a break from thinking about my problems
• While I walk I search for and think about the good things in my life
• I feel better after a walk and I know I will start seeing results on the scale in no time.
• I dress for the weather and rarely miss a walk due to heat/cold/snow/rain
• My dog is better behaved since I started taking my dog on my walks regularly.
• Time goes fast when I’m walking because I use it to listen to music/study/pray/be grateful.

There are always going to be those who can’t find good in anything…you don’t have to be like them! Talk yourself into walking success.

If you want your walks to be even more productive, take your walks wearing the Stepgym shoe. They are worth the investment to see faster results in fitness and in weight loss because every step is a work out with the scientifically designed shoe. Got to today to learn more about he shoe that is a works out your body with every step.

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