Taking digital photos in an air show

By: Freda Acosta

A few weeks ago I went with my friends to see an Air Show. The schedule was packed with acrobatics and many types of aircraft. The highlight of the show was the blue angles with their jets doing dangerous routines. I took my camera to capture the hope that some good digital memories of the show.

I had my digital SLR camera in the air show. I have it in my special camera bag next to an extra battery and lentils. I have an eight-megapixel DSLR with a 100-300mm lenses Zoon.

I decided to shoot as many images as I know from my experience could be that in such cases the rule of large numbers works very well - shoot as many photos as you can and you might be able to find a few Photos, which are really unique. So, if the planes to fly around my camera at them and from that moment on I saw most of the air show through my camera viewfinder.

I use my camera to continuous auto focus. I had my finger on holding the shutter button halfway down most of the time while I'm moving the camera to the fast-flying aircraft. I could hear the camera of the engines are working hard moving the optical components in the lens back and forth to adjust the focus right. I also have the camera to burst mode, so I decided, if the composition was worth a photo shoot they actually shot a quick sequence of four photos. The idea behind this was the first time for more photos to choose from - with fast-flying airplanes these four photos were really differ - and secondly, to perhaps be able to capture some movement in a sequence of photos.

Over time, my hands got tired of holding the camera steady and my grip was not so stable. Unfortunately, I do not have a tripod - and probably I would have not used, even if I had it, because it is difficult to fly aircraft with a top especially when you have thousands of people walking around you. When I looked at the photos on this evening I watched the results tired of my grip - the later digital photos were not as sharp and steady than the former.

When I use the results of my work my reaction was to go and the desire lenses with an image stabilizer built-in them. There are two types of image stabilizer, that the sensor and a move which in gyro actually uses the lens to a floating optical element that compensates for shaking. The latter is more expensive and provides better results. I saw some people walking around with the Canon image stabilizing lens I'm not sure how effective it was for them, but it has certainly impressive.

There are also drawbacks to using image stabilizers and actually some of these disadvantages are very relevant to my Air Show photo shoot. Moving the camera erratically, an acrobatic aircraft can confuse the image stabilizer that can detect that motion as undesirable Shaking and try to compensate for them. If I had an image stabilizer I would have to use different procedures for the recording of my photos as trying to pan the camera on one axis and on a more or less constant speed.

Overall, I was in a position to choose some great pictures of airplanes flying around doing acrobatics very close to each other, with some planes flying birds in what appears to be in the photo as very close, and other digital photos of airplanes in different situations . These serve as good memories of that Air Show and as a lesson for the increasingly better equipped in my next Air Show digital photo shooting.

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