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For those who are interested in having a maid for their household, one of the first things you have to know is the rate for a maid's job. This can give you an overview on how much of your household budget you need to spend for maids' services per month. For those who want to work as maids, you should also have an idea on maid's salary range. This way, you will know exactly the answer to how much do maids make?
The salary which is given to maids and house helpers vary from location to another. It may also depend on the skill of the one who would be employed. A maid who will concentrate in cleaning the house alone can be given a smaller salary, while the one who is willing to take on more tasks would be given a higher salary.
Furthermore, you will know how much do maids make depending on whether they are live-in maids or live-out housekeepers. If you opt to hire a live-in maid, this allows you to shell out lower salaries per month than live-out maids.
True, the salary of a live-in maid may be lower but together with that, you should also be able to provide food and lodging for her, as well as her other personal needs. Live-out maids may be more costly but inline with that, you won't need to provide additional food and other stuffs for her.
The annual salary of maids varies from state to state in the United States. According to a report from Payscale Inc., maids in California can expect to earn an annual salary of $51, 794 while in Texas, housekeepers can earn only about $18,646.
Maids increase their rates and can demand for a higher salary as their experience on the job broadens. For those who are thinking about hiring a maid, it is important that you know the answer to how much do maids make annually and monthly. Consult a household maid agency for additional information regarding their salary.

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