Taking Care Of Climbing Plants When Home Gardening

By: Mark Lucasa

Climbing plants are of many varieties. Good examples of climbing plants are grapevines and tomatoes. They all have weak stems in common and need support in order to grow tall and occupy less space in the home garden. Growing them next to a wall or a tree is or way of taking care of them as they climb. They do this to get sunlight. For climbing, they have developed features like tendrils and twisting leaves. They climb on fences, walls, trees etc. Unless they have man-made support like fences or natural support like trees, climbing plants will grow on the ground and will lack sunlight which is an essential aspect of growth. They will become weak and produce less fruit. They also tend to look messy in the garden.

Unless you do not like the idea, you may let these plants climb a wall or a fence that has ugly features in order to hide them. You may also plant these plants on your walls if you do not have space in your home or neighborhood. The blooms are attractive and beautify the home. The climbing plants give a natural look to a house.

The choice of a climbing plant is dependent on the desired effect. You will have to consider the growth characteristic of a plant. Look out for the species that thrive in your area before you make a decision on which to plant. Do not plant them in pots as this will hinder their growth.

Remove any other vegetation from the place you intend to plant your climbing plant. Obtain planting information for the specific species of climbing plant form the nursery. This will help you get the maximum from these plants. The soil should be fertilized to help the plants grow. Dig a hole which is deep enough; twice the width of your plant and about a foot deep.

At the beginning of its life, a climbing plant needs man-made support. You need to put several stakes and spread the leaves wide. If it has tendrils, wind the tendrils round the stakes for maximum strength. To aid moisture retention, make sure you mulch the plant. This has the effect of hindering weed growth.

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