Tahitian pearl: nature black pearl

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In pearl industry, only pearls of natural black color and from Pinctada margaritifera, Pinctada mazatlanica or Pteria sterna (rainbow-lipped oyster) can be called black pearls. Among those oysters, Pincatada margaritifera is used extensively for culturing pearl in French Polynesia. That is the pearl called Tahitian pearl.!/p>
Some people use the term “black pearl” to refer to any dark colored pearl, dyed or natural color. In this part of natural back pearl, we will discuss Tahitian pearl as it is a distinguished type of real natural black pearls.
Tahitian pearl color
Tahitian pearl color is natural.
Tahitian pearls can take on all the colors of the rim of the black lipped oyster shell which produces it. Tahitian pearls have a wide range of body colors. Tahitian pearls are known for their iridescent, vibrant, almost metallic colors, unique among saltwater cultured pearls. Though commonly called "black" pearls, Tahitian pearls are actually gray, to lighter or darker degrees. But, in addition, Tahitian pearls have the unique ability to display a variety of colors at the same time, shimmering about their surfaces in varying shades -- colors such as Peacock, Eggplant -- or Aubergine, Green, Olive Green, Blue and Magenta.
Generally, the darker the Tahitian black pearl, the more valuable it is. The most highly prized Tahitian pearls are those of the iridescent peacock and cobalt blue colors, followed by the rainbows, grays and golds.If you want to amaze yourself by the variety of Tahitian pearl colors, own one "multicolor" necklace.
A solid black pearl with no overtone is considered less desirable and may cost as much as 50% less than one of similar quality with green overtones. Pearls with muddy colors are rejected.
Most jewelry experts advise that a buyer's color choice should be primarily based on what will look good on the person who will wear the pearls. Some sales persons always give color advice by suggesting what's popular in specific geographical areas.

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