Taekwondo For All

By: aaroah sunil

Taekwondo is a form of Korean Martial Arts that is also the national sport of South Korea. Essentially it means the method of striking or breaking with foot and hand. This is because Taekwondo aims at causing damage on your opponent mainly with your feet and hands equally. Taekwondo utilizes mainly kicks and punches for debilitating your opponent.
From modest beginnings in Korea, Taekwondo has developed to become one of the most popular forms of martial arts in the world. In fact, it is so popular that it has even become an Olympic event. Aside from being a prominent sport, it is also part of the training regimes of many armies in the world.
The practitioners of Taekwondo have been well known to be some of the most physically fit athletes in the world. The training regimes are such that every muscle in your body is toned and tuned to function in synch with each other. A lot of dedication and devotion is required to excel in this art. But rest assured, the benefits are well worth the effort. The art focuses on turning the human body into a purpose built fighting machine.
Apart from the physical benefits of Taekwondo, there are various mental benefits as well. The practitioners of Taekwondo have been known to be some of the most disciplined and focused individuals in the world. Like all martial arts, Taekwondo gives equal importance to mental development and physical strength.
With such numerous benefits on offer, it comes as no surprise that Taekwondo has achieved such global fame and stature.

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