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No pleasure trip is complete without clicking photographs. After all, they help you record your best moments and let you spend time looking at good times. When you have decided on your itinerary and made all arrangements to travel, you should keep your camera ready with you. If don’t own one, this is a good excuse to scout the markets for a good camera and purchase one in keeping with your budget and requirements. With the growing popularity of digital cameras, conventional cameras are well in their way out.

Advantages of digital camera over conventional cameras

There is a fundamental difference in the way traditional film cameras and digital cameras capture an image. Instead of film, digital cameras use a solid-state device called an image sensor or charge-couple device (CCD). On the surface of each fingernail-sized silicon chip, is a grid containing millions of photosensitive diodes called photosites, photo elements or pixels. Each photosites captures a single pixel in the photograph to be.

The main advantages of digital cameras are as follows:
• Digital camera photos are not stored on film. Instead, they are stored on electronic memory devices that require less care than a negative film.
• You can easily make copies of the digital image files on your computer or burn them to a CD. This option is not available with film.
• Digital photos can be displayed at very high resolutions compared to conventional photographs
• You can eliminate any poor images before printing and pay only for those that you print.
• With the availability of “easy share” technology and photo quality printers, it is both affordable and convenient to print digital camera photos.
• You can get different effects with a digital camera. High –end models have built-in features that allow different kinds of effects. Even if your digital camera doesn’t have these advanced features, you can always manipulate the photographs on your desktop computer, using any image editing software.

. While cheaper digital cameras may only have digital zoom, high-end models are available with both digital and optical zooming.

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