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It is always important that as we expect some sort of things from the nannies same is the case with the nannies, they also expect some kind of services from the employers. However each nanny expects some sort of different services, it is always important that you create a positive relationship with your nanny so that she would definitely take good care of your child.
Information of means of communicating
It is always important that the nanny should be given proper information about how she can contact you incase there is any need when she requires your advice. Your nanny should always be aware that in case there is any problem arising in course of your child care, then she can freely contact you at any point of time. It is important that you communicate to the nanny who should be contacted first incase of emergencies. It would be extremely good if you explain to the nanny what you expect about how your child should be taken care of, you should inform the nanny about the child’s routine habits and what is preferred by your child. You must also inform the nanny about the different allergies incase your child is prone to. It is of vital importance that their exists open communication between you and the nanny and this will always enable a better child care for your child.

Clear agreement
It is very important that their exists a clearly stated written agreement, it is very helpful in the proper functioning of both the parties. Another notable thong which must exist is that you must fully agree and understand the terms and conditions.
Honesty and integrity issues
For any relationship to be successful it is very much important that there should exists trust between both the parties. However proper care of your child is very important and in such cases it is not so easy to build trust, this would require some time. But when problems arise it is important that you clarify by asking questions rather than jumping on to conclusions, this just proves that you do not trust and this will definitely affect the relationship between you and the nanny and in turn this will affect on the child care.
Advance notice on any changes in the agreement
It is very important that you inform the nanny about any changes in the agreement, like incase you are going on a vacation, or any change in the working hours of the nanny, etc. For all these things it is essential that you inform the nanny about the changes in advance.
One of the primary concerns which should be kept in mind is that nannies are your employees and it is very much essential that you pay their salary on time.

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