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Marilyn Monroe quotes and facebook status

On the internet today, you will discover that there are many quotes that can be found. Most people use this to update their statuses on facebook as well as other social media. For those people who love taking life with a light touch, they use funny facebook status’ quotes. In this way many people are able to relate with what they are saying. It is a great way of interacting with other people on facebook. There are many quotes that are derived from different personalities that ever lived. Such quotes are things that different people can be able to relate to.

One of the most popular authors of quotes that most people use as funny facebook status’ updates on facebook is Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe quotes are quite popular amongst all the people who love her. There are many quotes that are relating to her that are humorous, and also some of tie that revolve around life and also about change.

The Marilyn Monroe quotes are educative, funny and very cool too as they are able to relate to very many different topics. They offer great inspiration to different persons all over the globe. Such quotes have found universal application on cards, articles, speeches, emails and even text messages; some use them as signatures on their emails. Today, most of the quotes find application on facebook as well as other social media.

Marilyn is a great woman that ever lived and her quotes live forever still. The great sense of humor that most of the Marilyn quotes possess led them to be used as funny facebook status’ updates.

The reality that most of the quotes posses are is the selling point. It is something that most people can actually relate with. They are witty, very insightful and reflect the day to day realities of life. They also offer a lot of smartness as well as very truthful nature. For all persons who need to relate with persons of higher standing, it is important that you search for the quotes related to Marilyn Monroe. Most of the quotes that have been re-written for this particular author are very exact. They are very genuine and are what the celebrity actually wrote.

Most of the Marilyn Monroe quotes speak to women of all walks of life. They also cover beauty, life as well as happiness. They also reflect on various realities that make them, so widely used.

Many people are very conscious about their updates on facebook. There is also a great need to reflect a sense of humor so as to gain popularity on the site. If you desire to get funny facebook status’, then you should look out for quotes from this author. Such quotes are a way of associating with other people on social media on a light touch. You may discover there is more to the quotes than what really reaches the eye. The quotes will not only enrich your life but also the lives of those around you.

On the internet today, you can actually be able to find different kind of quotes. In most cases, you will find a mixed up kind of thing with quotes from different authors put together so as to achieve an exclusive collection. You can be able to browse different categories in the internet. You may also search specific quotes by searching on the basis of different authors. It will be a pleasant surprise to see all the different things especially the celebrities that we hold in such high regard have to say. It is also a sure way of spicing up the social media into something that most people can be able to relate to.

You also have a very wide variety of quotes to choose from. You may choose on the basis of content type. If you are looking for humorous kind of quotes, then you can be able to easily access such quotes Marilyn Monroe quotes are able to meet most of the categories that you may be looking for.

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Marilyn Monroe was born in June 1st 1926 and died on 5th august 1962. Throughout her difficult life, Marilyn Monroe quotes came into existence. Due to the humorous nature of the some of the quotes; they have been widely applied as funny facebook status on the social media today.

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