Symptoms Indicating the Need for an Eye Doctor

By: Sunny Leone

It would be really difficult to define the importance of eyes for a living being. Eyes are dear to all creatures, big and small; without them it wouldn't be possible to see the beautiful world they inhabit. Eyes are very delicate and need to be taken care of. Problems arise when we ignore minute symptoms and run the risk of damaging our eyes all the more. Some of the most common symptoms which need proper attention are –


Though, most people associate some kind of superstition with the twitching of eyes, there is hardly any truth in it. It is a very common symptom of stressed or fatigued eyes. However, highly tired eyes do indicate a condition called 'computer vision syndrome'. It is a regular thing for almost all of us to spend time on the internet. Those who work on it expose their eyes all the more to the computer screen. This extended exposure to the screen is the main reason behind this problem.


Itchy eyes make you very uncomfortable, but they are an indication that it is time for an eye check-up. Though the diseases which cause itching of the eyes are not very serious, it is always better to be on the safe side. Some of the common eye diseases related to itching are – pink eyes, allergies, Blepharitis, and dry eye syndrome.

Blurry or distorted vision

If everything you see has started to blur or become distorted suddenly, you need to take immediate steps. Though it might be a common problem for aged people, anyone from any age group can have it. They must get their eyes checked to avoid further problems.

Disturbed or unclear vision

To experience floaters, flashes of light or obstruction while seeing things may be a common problem, but it is not something you should take lightly. This condition needs immediate attention. It may be the symptom of serious eye problems like retinal detachment, retinal tear or retinal hole. An optometrist will be the best to help you in such a situation.

Cloudy vision

Cloudy vision feels like seeing the world through a cover over your eyes. It does not block anything but yes it obstructs the actual look of things. This again is an age-related problem but is very common and most people avoid it thinking that it will disappear on its own. However, it does not go away as it is a symptom of cataracts and needs medical help.


Squinting is a common problem found in children but anyone in general can acquire this. This is the condition where a person scrunches up his eyes while focussing to see something. It helps him to control the amount of light entering the eyes, so as to allow a clear vision. Squinting too frequently is a bad signal and can damage your vision severely if left unattended.

Sensitivity to light

If you have suddenly started to experience eye pain or headache because of the presence of light around you, it is time for you to get a routine check-up. Though it does not indicate a serious problem, getting a check-up will help you in the long run.

All these symptoms are very common and a lot of people experience these. However, ignoring any problem for long may turn out to be risky for your eyes.

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