Swollen Joints: Most Outstanding Symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis

By: Ralph Ferriss

The most obvious psoriatic arthritis symptoms are swelling in a patient's joints that in turn lead to experiencing a lot of pain as well as can cause development of patchy skin. Psoriatic arthritis is closely linked to psoriasis and it is also known to affect several parts of the human body including elbows, scalp and knees; in addition, it can lead to lesions on the patient's toenails and fingers. There are a few other common psoriatic arthritis symptoms as well including swollen fingers and toes.
Causes Not Fully Understood
Although researchers have come to believe that contracting psoriatic arthritis seems to be linked to a person's living environment and their genes, the specific causes of psoriatic arthritis are still not fully understood by doctors. It is important for an individual who begins to notice symptoms commonly associated with psoriatic arthritis to visit their doctor and find out whether or not their symptoms are indeed related to this disease.
Diagnosing psoriatic arthritis can be done by a doctor after they have conducted a physical examination that could involve taking x-rays and doing blood tests. Doing these tests will allow the doctor conducting them to determine with more certainty whether or not they are being caused by psoriatic arthritis or some other disorder. It is always better to visit your doctor as soon as possible so that you can begin to treat your symptoms properly.
The nails, joints, and skin are usually affected in a negative way by psoriatic arthritis. Even though this type of arthritis will not cause swelling in every joint of the body, you can expect that a large number of joints will become red, get hot, and ache. This can also occur in the feet, knees, and ankles.
When psoriatic arthritis symptoms are noticed in a patient's toes and finger they could lead to the entire digit swelling up and start to resemble a sausage. Still, the symptoms are most noticeable when the joints start to turn stiff and this stiffness is most pronounced in the mornings. Other psoriatic arthritis symptoms include inflamed spine, stiffened buttocks and stiffness in the neck, lower back as well as upper back.
Once the condition has been properly diagnosed you will have a number of treatment options to choose from ??" some of which involve taking of psoriatic arthritis medications while others could be as simple as using self-help measures.
Remember that there are other negative symptoms that psoriatic arthritis can cause apart from swelling of the joint; acne can form, nails can change, tendonitis can occur, and the lungs, eyes, and aorta can swell.

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