Swimming Pool Landscaping - The Endless Possibilities of Poolscape Design

By: Jasmine LeClair

A well-conceived swimming pool landscape design can mean the difference between an area for fun, exercise and relaxation, and one good-looking enough to add some real value to your home. Its often comes as a shock to poolscape design professionals how little thought would-be owners of inground luxury pools spare for the design of a feature that could make their home and recreational area both more stylistically attractive and coherent. A plethora of factors will decide if your swimming pool landscape design promotes convenience, privacy and safety.
Unfortunately, there are only two ways in which these details are going to be attended to. Either you need to pay very close attention to the design and construction of the pool, ensuring that everything is done according to your taste and specifications, or else youll need to know youre with a construction company you can trust - one recommended to you by family, friends and so on. The latter option is by far the better, as poorly managed companies can drag jobs out for ten times as long as theyre worth, saddling you with unnecessary debt and hassle.
Possibly the best solution for a swimming pool landscape look that will be beautiful while also being immune to prying eyes is to surround it with greenery - plants tall and lush enough to form a screen around the perimeter. Of course, unless you plan to spend the other half of your free time dishing leaves out of the pool, you need to make your pick wisely. Large deciduous trees or even needle-bearing evergreens can be more trouble than theyre worth, and fruit and flower trees, aside from being a source of obvious mess, attract flies, bees and wasps. Also, large trees with their correspondingly big root systems can cause damage to an inground swimming pool over the course of a few years.
The minimal amount of mess theyll create and their consistently beautiful, lush appearance makes evergreen trees your best bet, and theyre also the most effective landscape privacy tool - with their year-round growth you wont suddenly find your private area naked (no pun intended) when the rainy season hits. Alternatively, you could install trellis walls and train vines to run up them. You can buy pre-trained trees, called Espaliers, which have been pruned and groomed to grow sideways, making them into a flat branch-barrier that will protect your privacy and even act as a windbreak.
The alternative landscaping idea for privacy is to build a fence or wall, which will lack the natural look of greenery but will of course give you the security you might consider more important if you have children. If this is your bigger concern, then you should think of any other things you could do to ensure that your pool will be inaccessible to a wandering toddler. Think about installing safety hooks (the kind that dont stick out) for a pool net, and find a net that will be strong enough to support even an adults weight should they fall on it, as weak pool nets are a significant cause of home drownings.
On a lighter note, you need to remember that the area around your pool - the patio or deck- is one of the most luxurious things about having a pool. Relaxing in the sun before a pleasant dip is an activity in itself. If you plan to have pool parties, consider how people are apt to circulate through the area youre building. Dont ignore details like the tiles or flooring you use - go for terra-cotta tiles or rough wood over a surface thats going to be slippery and cause falls.
Lastly, think about style. Youd ideally like your swimming pool landscape design to echo the architectural features of your home. Often people renovate their houses without giving any thought to the outmoded style of the pool in the backyard. Look at a variety of custom designs, remembering always that your dream swimming pool will be the one that fits seamlessly into your dream home.

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