Swimming Pool Heat Pumps - Bringing Warmth Into Winter

By: Ryan McCall..

Without question, there are few pools youre likely to find to be at a good swimming temperature year-round. While a chilly dip can be fun once in a while, its still preferable to be able to warm up your pool at will. Kids love a warm pool - most of them will never want to leave. Youll find that, with the addition of a swimming pool heat pump to your pool, you will not only be increasing the value of your home, but making space for a lot of family fun and memories.
First off, though, lets be clear that the proposition of heating an entire pool neednt be as drastically power-consuming as it sounds. Heat pumps for swimming pools arent equipped with heating elements to make their own heat. Instead, as the swimming pools water gets dragged through the pump, the heat pumps fan draws in surrounding air into a chamber with an evaporator coil, which is hollowed out to contain some kind of liquid refrigerant. When this refrigerant substance absorbs the warm air it becomes a much warmer gas, which is then channeled to pass through a compressor chamber. When the gas get compressed, the particles in it get closer together (remember high school physics?) and so the gas gets even hotter.
The now hotter agent passes through a condenser, which transfers the heat of the gas to the relatively cool pool water circulating through the other end of the heater, returning to the pool where it increases the overall warmth of the pool, even as the gas returns to liquid form and goes back to the evaporator for its next cycle.
Now what all this science winds up meaning to you is that while a swimming pool heat pump might cost a bit more to install when you initially buy it, its less likely to be affected by shifts in the weather or the absence of sunlight than solar-paneling solutions, and will be more energy efficient than the majority of heating pump systems out there - the simple fact is that, since theyve been around for so much longer than other forms of inground pool heater technology, theyve matured in their design and are now better thought out and put together.
Of course, the way that Ive described heat pumps for swimming pools above is a gross oversimplification designed to illustrate the details of the process for the layperson. The real-life complexity of a swimming pool heat pump means that you really dont want anyone but a fully qualified pool professional (yes, believe me, there are such things) working with them. Think about it - any device reliant on hot gas is simply not going to be safely adjusted by amateur hands. Ask your family and friends if theyve needed to hire such a person in the past, and if theres anyone that they can recommend. Proper installation will optimize the functionality of the heat pump, and ultimately save you a good sum of money on your electric bills.
Even then, the prospect of a swimming pool heat pump running for hours a day is one that most people would find a little financially intimidating. You need to establish, prior to any installation, whether youre earning enough to pay the deficit your kids might create running the pump unchecked - the bills could start stacking up pretty quickly. One thing you may want to do is take a look at pump timers, that will switch the pump off if it runs for too long.

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