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By: clarkjames998

It is hard to close your eyes anymore from sustainability and environmental issues even if you wanted to. I have always had a car but lately I have started feeling bad about it. I actually wondered that why am I feeling bad about it and came into a conclusion that the sustainability marketing department has done a good job.

My car doesn’t consume that much and actually I don’t even drive as much as I could. I usually walk to work and back and so on. I use car mainly for going to our summer place or when we have to do bigger grocery shopping.

I have started looking after the places I shop at for signs of sustainability. I think this is one of the trends that they really want to happen. If someone is doing something better than the other one, the one doing better should be rewarded with more business.

I have found many good examples that take a prompt approach on recycling and environmental issues. As I was talking about my car earlier, tire (in Finnish: rengas) is a great one matter that can be done well or bad. I choose always Nokian tires because I know that their research department is doing everything they can to make my car consume less fuel. I also know that they have a good sustainability program and that they are recycling most of their materials.

It is not green washing my soul or thinking that life is better in all if someone is recycling. It is just the cold fact that businesses should care. We should vote with our feet and wallet and reward good actions.

Sustainability is here to stay. I don’t understand how some companies can still be so late on their take in the environmental issues.

There are so many innovations around sustainability that it is actually fascinating to follow the industry. Everyone is trying to make cars consume less, go on electricity, have less friction etc… The innovations that are being born in the process are the things that matter for our children and their children.

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