Suggestions to Make Your Vintage Watches Collection Abundant

By: Kalmar

When collecting and dealing vintage watches, it is important to keep in mind certain things that will help you obtain a higher result in your investment.

The following points are merely suggestions about what to remember but they are worth making note of.

The first rule of thumb is simple Ė if you havenít heard of the watch, then chances are no-one else has. It will always be easier to get a higher return and quicker sale on a simple no complication Omega Seamaster from the 1960ís compared to a 18ct rose gold chronograph watch by a generic Swiss maker who is no longer in existence.

Yes there will be exceptions this rule, such as people after a particular style or maker even if they are less known, but generally stick to a well known watch company and you canít go wrong.
Secondly, most collectors will nearly always go for a mechanical movement over a quartz movement. By mechanical, we mean a watch that has either a manual wind movement i.e. one that has to be hand wound manually or an automatic/perpetual movement Ė one that is self-winding when it is worn on the wrist, compared to a quartz/battery powered watch.

Why? Even though it can be said quite fairly that a quartz watch will be consistently more accurate over the years, not need winding and only need a new battery every 2 years or so, a mechanical watch has so much charm and character and many mechanical watches are simply astonishing to see. Many watches in the last few years have even been made with exhibition windows in the back to allow one to view the movement.

Paraphernalia always helps and a watch with its original box and papers will again hold more value and be easier to sell when compared to the same watch without this. Of course logic has to be remembered and if the watch was made in 2008 you would expect to have all of this, but if the watch was made in 1945, this is not to be expected. However, if you do come across a watch from 1952 for example with its original box, instructions, warranty (which of course is now no longer valid) and even original purchase receipt, then this will help increase both its value and desirability.

Fashion also dictates price to an extent. In the 1990ís the price of the rectangle shaped Rolex Prince watch started to skyrocket until the late 1990ís early 2000 when the large somewhat oversized Panerai watches took off and people started wanting and craving large watches resulting in the price of the rectangle watches dropping in price.

And lastly originality is important. Donít be too concerned if the watch does not have the original leather band as these will wear out, but try to get a watch with the original dial over one that has been repainted.

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