Stupid Criminal Stories

By: Brenden Smith

Criminals are one black part of our lives and our society. Well, we canít imagine or say that a society is free of criminal minds. However, all societies have managed platform to control criminal activities and devastate criminal minds. But what is actually meant by stupid criminal stories? Well, the conspiracies are still on but remember that the lives of criminals are full of stupidity, adventure and thrill. Oh, remember that I am not writing this article in pursuance of criminals or to motivate innocent souls for crimes but the sole purpose of writing this article is to highlight the truths about stupid criminal stories.

Well, the stupid criminal stories involve such stories that arenít intentional; yes these arenít intentional but real. People take some stupid actions and sometimes they unintentionally commit crimes while they are drunk. Such stupid unintentional crimes are always answerable just like other crimes but these are laughable. Here are some of the criminal news stories that happened in past.

The first story for todayís article is from Zambia. Two people have been prisoned for two years as they have been found guilty of steeling fifty liters of beer along with other household items. Well, donít know if they were drunk while doing so or they did it for drinking but they did and experiencing the bitter taste behind bars.

Another such incident took place in Florida where a passionate drinker impersonated a police officer for getting more drinks. He wore fake badge, placed a flashing light over his vehicle and started pulling drivers out on the highways. His first question to them was for drugs and alcohol. He has been arrested and concerned department is investigating the issue.

Are you enjoying these criminal stories? Do you want more giggle in these dumb criminal stories? So, here you go with another strange incident that happened on Daytona Beach. Well a crazy beer drinker and professionally a truck driver allowed an unknown person to drive his truck in Daytona Beach just for sake of one bottle of vine and he lost his drive. Now, he is embarrassed of his act as he has lost his hard earned drive for sake one bottle of vine.

Perchance the drollest and gloomiest of stupid criminal stories of the year involved the crazy action of a teen from Nebraska who has been detained for DUI as he was dressed in breathalyzer clothing. The teen has been charged for supposed drunk driving besides DUI and for owning alcohol as a teenager. However, he has not been charged for the attire nevertheless it is a little ironic.

There are many more such stories that have been shared online but it is not possible for me to cover all of them in this article. However, I have shortened these stories to increase your curiosity about the happening but you will be treated with more bizarre instances in other articles on the website. So, just donít get away with it and enjoy more fun on the web and make sure to share the same with your buddies.

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