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Sometimes, men get overlooked when designers create beautiful styles of clothing and accessories. In many cases, women get to flaunt the most gorgeous jewels and gems without a second thought. Guys, on the other hand, are a bit more constrained when it comes to the kinds of jewelry that is generally “acceptable” for them to wear. While this trend is changing as men reclaim their right to wear chains and bracelets, many conservative men feel awkward wearing jewelry. But there is one type of jewelry that any man will wear happily – a beautiful wrist watch.

If your first image when you hear the words “wrist watch” is the good old Timex with the flex band, then you may have some catching up to do. Elegant and expensive wrist watches have been high on the wish list of fashionable, high profile men for years. Beginning shortly after World War II, the world’s best watchmakers began designing timepieces for the high end market. Names like Cartier, Patek-Philippe and Girard-Perregaux became synonymous with luxury and status in the world of men’s watches.

Watches such as these can get pricey, too. In 2006, Forbes Magazine’s article on The Most Expensive Watches in the World reported that a 1933 limited edition Patek-Philippe watch had sold at auction at Sotheby’s for over $11 million. By contrast, the ten watches they listed for their article, ranged from the highest priced Blancpain 1735, at “about $1 million” to a range of Patek-Philippe and Breguet timepieces in the $275,000 range. Of course, they come complete with the full range of mechanical “complications” – tourbillion movements, minute repeaters, perpetual calendars and more – and are made of the finest materials.

You do not have to break your lifetime budget or sell your house to buy your guy a stunning wristwatch. While names like Patek-Philippe rule the high-end luxury wrist-watch market, there are other designers who have securely staked out the high-style wristwatch market in the “prices that sane people will pay” range. If you are looking for a stunning wristwatch to wow your guy, take a closer look at some of these designer names.


Stuhrling, founded by Max Stuhrling in the late 1800s, is still famed for its beautiful and functional timepieces. The original Max Stuhrling was a 17th century clockmaker who created and designed clockworks for the bigger “name” clockmakers – known as a “ghost clockmaker”. He is rumored to have broken his hand in a fight with one of those “names” over financial arrangements. Unknown to his patrons, though, he had trained his 11 year old son in the art of fine Swiss clock making, and it was his son who founded the company in his name.

Today, Stuhrling Original is a highly regarded name in the watch making world. Among this year’s most wanted Stuhrling watches are the Limited Edition Madman 2009 and the Stuhrling Original Emperor 2009 wrist watch, both truly stunning men’s wrist watches.


Invicta, founded by Eyal Lalo, a watchmaker who comes from three generations of precision watchmakers, is famed for its attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and affordability. Since launching its Lupah Revolution line in 2002, Invicta has launched nearly 20 collections, each of them a unique fashion statement. This year’s top choices include the Invicta Reserve Men’s Subaqua watch and the Invicta Russian Diver watch, with rugged styling, and fierce colors carried through the watch face and rubber and steel rubber bands. Invicta’s styles are bold, brash and very today.


Chase-Durer is a relative newcomer in the wrist watch and quality timepiece world. Founded about a decade ago by Hollywood film producers Brandon and Marianne Chase, Chase-Durer has quickly established a name for itself by producing high-quality Swiss watches aimed at the needs of professional pilots. Along the way, the impeccable styling, affordable pricing and unmatched accuracy took the name beyond the professional pilots and into the world of high profile style. Chase-Durer’s most popular lines this year include the Conquest Mother-of-Pearl Dial Stainless Steel watch, one of the most expensive watches in the Chase-Durer line at about $1,000.

The Croton Watch Company

The Croton Watch Company was founded in 1878 and has always been a family operated business. The company grew from a long tradition of old world craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are famous the world over for attention to detail that informs the entire design process, from the accuracy of the clock movements to the perfection of a watchband’s fit. While Croton makes a full range of men’s and women’s watches, the company really shines when it comes to casual men’s timepieces. From the subtlety of a classic Croton Men’s Classic Square watch to the bold styling of the Croton Chronomaster line, there is truly a watch for every man’s taste in their collections.

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