Strong Calf Muscles

By: Sarah Carlye

Strong calf muscles can be hard to come by and it can be even harder to get calf muscles to grow. Often workouts focus on other parts of the body and the calves get neglected. As rest of the body grows, the calves look weak and small.

Walking can help calves grow but will need to be combined with other exercises. The exercises will need to be changed to avoid the muscle adapting to the workout and growth stagnating. There have been good results with introducing walking in the Stepgym shoe to strengthen and grow calves. It is also a good way to vary a calf workout.

Knowing that muscles adapt to any routine within 1-3 weeks will help you to know when to vary your workout. There are ways to change the routine to get the muscles to wake up and start working out again. It can be simple changes like the following:

• Change shoes to the Stepgym shoe
• Number of steps
• Length of walks
• Training frequency
• Amount of resistance
• Exercise choices

The following changes can shock the muscles to wake up:

• Supersets
• Tri-sets
• Reps that are forces
• Negatives that are super slow

It could be genetics that prevent calves from strengthening and growing. In this case there will be some limits no matter what you do. Following some of the above suggestions will assure that you reach the full potential that you are capable of reaching. Genetics should never be used as an excuse to give up trying to improve calf muscles. When choosing a calf workout, choose one that is successful with your type of calf muscle…your genetics. If you know, because of your genetics, that your calves are slow to show improvement, don’t follow the workout of the genetic opposite that is able to barely work out and have impressive calves, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Calves grow when the muscles grow and also when the blood flow is increased. Large muscles need more time to recuperate from a workout than smaller muscles like the calves. To get maximum pump to the calves, decreasing intervals of rest can be just what is needed to increase blood flow and increase the size of the calves. Keep up carbs to get maximum pump because carbs=high glycogen levels.

Weak neuromuscular connection occurs when something new is learned. That is why new skills are awkward and inefficient. The more you work out your calves, the more efficient the workout will be. Since walking is already proficient adding walking in the Stepgym shoe will be efficient quickly because there is no new skill to learn. There is already a strong neuromuscular connection. Changing the shoe that is worn everyday can give the calves the boost they need to grow and strengthen.

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