Stretch Marks Treatments: Pros and Cons

By: Gabriell Rygh

Striae, most commonly known as stretch marks, are a very common problem that often result from changes during puberty, obesity or pregnancy. They initially appear as pink, red or brown streaks on the skin. After a period of time they can fade to become silvery white and show up as considerably lighter tones than your usual skin color.

So what is the best method in treating these ugly marks? There are numerous options in the treatment of stretch marks, but which is the best? Which type of removal method is better: surgical or natural?

How do you Lose Stretch Marks?

You can achieve stretch mark removal with either surgical or natural treatment techniques. We will explain the different options in order to determine which of these two types of removal techniques are better in terms of cost, recovery, and, of course, results. Surgical procedures most often consist of laser removal or tummy tucks, while natural options include stretch marks cream and lotions, as well as diet techniques for repairing skin.

Surgical Stretch Mark Treatments

Laser stretch mark removal is a surgical procedure where a laser is used to remove areas of the skin affected by stretch marks. After the removal of affected skin, new skin will heal to replace it. Laser removal can be considerably painful. The recovery period is described as redness and tenderness of the treated area with occasional blistering and other typical symptoms of burn injury, but these are temporary. The healing process in its entirety can take up to a few weeks. Laser removal has been highly effective, but it may take up to ten treatments for patients to see the results they desire. The cost of laser treatments starts at around 200 dollars per treatment.

Tummy tucks and other conventional surgeries are known to be consistently effective but extremely invasive. They remove stretch marks completely and permanently, however, it is important to consider that major surgical procedures are not intended specifically for the removal of stretch marks. Recovery time can be over 2 weeks and numbness can last up to 6 months. Major surgeries like these will put you back 6 to 10 thousand dollars.

Natural Stretch Mark Removal

Natural stretch mark removal treatments include creams as well as diet changes. These treatments are less expensive and until just recently have been significantly less effective. However, a unique and effective natural component, secretions of the Helix Aspersa Muller, have been discovered, tested and found to be successful in diminishing stretch marks. The organic serum contains a smooth substance called nacre that surrounds affected areas and prevents them from disrupting the soft tissues of the skin. Skin regenerative properties and enzymes are also found in Helix Aspersa Muller secretions that are able to dissolve scar tissue and release amino acids needed to rebuild healthy skin cells. Its biological molecules carry high levels of oxygen which stimulate collagen and elastin growth, giving the skin elasticity and flexibility, and prevent the breakdown of essential structural proteins in the future.

It is also helpful to stimulate circulation to affected areas as well as to keep them moisturized. You can do so by massaging the areas with essential oils or organic creams. The intake of vitamins A, E, C and Zinc as well as the use of topical vitamin E are all helpful in repairing skin. Diets sufficient in fatty acids are also healthy as this helps in the strong construction of cell walls.

Recently, natural skin care has become a powerfully effective alternative to surgical stretch mark removal and can help you achieve the results you want without high costs, pain or uncomfortable recovery periods. Treat and prevent stretch marks the natural way and reap the benefit of smooth, healthy beautiful skin!

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