Stress and Women’s Health

By: James Pendergraft

Stress is one of the most inevitable things in life. At one time or another, women go through stress because of a variety of reasons. This could include work, life at home, and relationships. The bad thing about stress is that they are believed to cause changes in the brain that are chemical in nature, greatly affecting your health.

Definition of Stress

Stress is the change that occurs in your usual health patterns or your daily routine. It is usually experienced when tragic events happen, although happy incidents can also cause them. While being fired from a job is considered a trigger for stress, achieving a much awaited promotion also causes stress.

Changes that are born out of speculation are considered stressors, as are veritable changes. Anguish or over thinking about getting hired for a new job could be as stressful as being promotion.

Causes of Stress

Women are known to be more susceptible to stress than men. This is because of the hormonal changes that occur in their bodies. When they go through puberty, the menstrual period, gestation, and finally, menopause, they experience consistent fluctuation of the hormones, which can bring about stress.

The physical and emotional changes that occur in women’s lives as well as ailments and environmental factors like altitude, extreme cold, heat, and toxins are known to bring on stress. The same goes for pushing the body too hard whether at play or at work. This is because the body’s energy, which is needed to restore itself, will soon be used up.

Illness Related to Stress

Based on scientific studies, stress has drastic effects on the lives of women. It is believed to be a great contributing factor in many ailments that range from insomnia and backaches to chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer.

In fact, stress is said to be the main factor when cases of abnormal bleeding or missing of periods are experienced. Hormonal imbalances triggered by stress could also propagate the symptoms of endometriosis and fibroid tumors. They could even affect the fertility of women.

Heart disease is known to be the top reason of deaths among American women. Heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, and heart palpitations are cardiovascular conditions that could be related to stress. A number of women go through sexuality changes and even experience different sexual dysfunctions like vaginal dryness and loss of desire because of stress.

Much too often the headaches, different aches and pains, fatigue, or emotional disorders like lack of sleep, anxiety, and depression experienced by women are known to be stress effects. Stress also affects other women by bringing on such disorders in the gastrointestinal area like lower abdominal cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, and colitis.

Because the responses of the immune system are decreased, women who are frequently under stress will experience a great number of infections and cold. Stress can even cause such dermatological conditions like rashes and itchy skin.

Stress Can Be Managed

Although getting rid of stress from your life completely is an impossible task, there are some ways for you to manage it. Managing stress includes getting regular exercise, good nutrition, and making sure to take time to relax without interruptions.

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