Strange Wedding customs in Turkey

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Turkey is a Muslim country, Islam allows polygamy. Ataturk revolution, the law prohibits polygamy. It is polygamy and monogamy coexisting. Of formal, non-religious wedding ceremony do not pay attention, chaired by Imam Muslim wedding ceremony is quite heavy, and some of the local marriage customs are also very unique.

1. Servitude of marriage. Trading in rural areas and small towns of marriage still exists. Frequently to see rush to marriage and that young men hide their loved one away. It robbed the girl will be seen as unclean woman. Wait until the girl's father, a grandfather, the relationship between the two also settled. In Turkey, there is a "labor of marriage", that is, young men from poor families get married because can’t afford the bride price, often go to when the "son married into" the future father-in-home services in two to three years hard labor, the re-marriage. Turkey, there is also a two exchanged wedding the bride. Families with young men to the age of marriage has been the sister of the girl he saw in another brother, in this case can be implemented for marriage, is also popular in rural Turkey, the widow of his brother to marry his brother's wedding wife. Because widow remarriage is not the bride price, but also to avoid marrying the widow took the family land, livestock and property.

2. Bridal shower. Marriage customs of the Turks, there is a unique traditional ceremony, called the "shower the bride." That is the day before the wedding, the bride or her mother to invite the women of some of his girlfriend went to Bath to take a bath. Friends and relatives were assembled, the bride led by the people turn around in the bath, kissed the hands of elders. The mother of the groom said good luck spreading money to the bride's head or giving gift, the girls sing and dance in the musical accompaniment. "Bridal shower" sometimes lasts from day until night. In the bathroom, only to see the future mother-law looks and body, depends on her pelvis, pelvis large woman can bring home good luck than daughters. Ceremony, the bride to be dyed red-brown toes and provides the right toe by the mother dyed, stained by the matchmaker left toes. This is probably the only such traditions. First of all, the Turkish bath for the Turks, not just clean the skin of the place, but also closely related to people's daily lives, therefore, decided to marry in the tub is not surprising. Now open society, men and women in Turkey are mostly free love, the future bride and her mother to the bathroom in the election practices more common in remote villages. But the marriage of the "bride bath" ceremony is still preserved, and the Turks to marry the bride have become a necessary procedure.

3. Meddle. Another Turkish wedding ceremony to be held is "meddle." Meddle is generally held in the evening, or a matchmaker by the groom's sister in law the right hand of the bride's palms and fingers or hands dyed red pomegranate to show auspicious. Meddle For the groom in some places, but only the left hand little finger dyed. It is said that dyed the color quality, indicating that married life is happy. Bride "meddle Night" to be replaced several sets of clothes and burned an old clothes, that new life begins. Encroaching girlfriends to participate in the ceremony to weeping, singing about "meddle" in the folk songs, that feeling of parting.

Although having many wedding ceremonies, but the Turks are very gentle while holding the ceremony, and no noisy phenomenon. Until a formal wedding, the couple toast, the general is to hold a simple dance, partners are also immediate family members, and the bride can dance, in addition to the groom, only her close relatives.

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