Straightening your hair is easy with GHD hair straightener

By: Clint Jhonson

Many children are born with extremely wavy and curly hair, and as they grow up, the hair too becomes more curly, wavy, and difficult to manage. Although, some teens and women prefer to keep their hair curly and wavy, instead of a straight hairstyle, there are teens and women who wish for straighter hair. The unwanted curls and waves can be replaced with sleek and shiny hair with hair straighteners. Although, women have wished for straighter hair for centuries, it was not always as easy as using a GHD hair straightener. The modern version of hair straighteners marketed by GHD is far different from the hair straighteners that were used just a century ago.

The earliest hair straighteners were just heated rods that were used to straighten and style a women's hair. Hard chemicals too were tried for straightening hair, and although this technique worked, it did burn hair and scalps many times. Women in the 1960s also used clothing irons to straighten hair curls and waves. Although a hair straightener was patented in 1906, it was a simple hair straightener comprised of metallic teeth that was used to comb the hair. Modern hair straighteners like the GHD hair straightener, have evolved from a refined version of hair straighteners that comprised of two plated heated irons that were hinged together. This revised version of previous efforts to develop a hair straightener, led to more advances in designing better hair straighteners by many companies, and GHD is one such company, which has launched and marketed a range of products for different hair styles.

Both men and women can have curly and wavy hair, but men tend to ignore, and in fact prefer curly and wavy hair, while some women would like to get rid of their curls. Women generally keep their wavy and curly hair short and stylish to make it more manageable. Managing long curly hair is a tedious task. This is why many women prefer to get their hair straightened with hair straighteners like GHD hair straightener, so that they can be grown to a good length, and be more manageable. But this choice of whether to keep curly hair or make it straight is a personal choice. Many Asian women, and men too, prefer straight hair, for themselves and for the women in their family. This does not mean that Asian women are not fashion conscious and do not opt for curly and wavy hair instead of straight hair. Although the use of modern hair straighteners like the ones from GHD is on the rise, many Asian women still prefer the old methods of applying hot oil on their hair as a hair straightener.

There are many methods and tools that have been used over the centuries, by both men and women, not only to straighten hair, but also to make straight hair curly and wavy. Whether you prefer to make your hair straight, or to make it curly and wavy, there are many tools and options available today from numerous companies like GHD.

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