Stop The Extinction of Life

By: CMAenergy

WANT to be HAPPY in life with all your pleasures? Do you think life will continue as it has without change? If you actually believe that you have to be out on cloud 9. And basically we think your lost and fooling no one else but yourself. Why do you think the UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL PANEL on CLIMATE CHANGE has said? " we have to stop the use of all fossil fuels that is polluting our air and giving us a serious carbon footprint." Have you thought of how long of a time element we have before it is to late? They did not give us a very long period of time. They say according to some the time frame is as little as 5 to 7 years. What is supposed to happen then. Well if you noticed the polar ice caps melting. Raising the sea levels. Noticed the storms that seem to be increasing yearly. and seem to be getting stronger. causing more damage. Have you noticed? "That food in other countries is being devastated and this is on the increase." IN one of our previous articles this is what we said and hope you will try to take this very serious.STOP the EXTINCTION of LIFE, before it is to late. WAKE UP ! We hope you will take the time to consider what we say as very serious. We could loose everything if we don't start now. Do you enjoy the pleasures in life to go fishing , hunting, boating, horse back riding, watch your children laugh and play. How would you like to loose those pleasures? Believe it or not. That's exactly what will happen when you ignore this simple request. But some of you will say to yourself. Who does he think he is? We are no different then you, but we do have a little more knowledge and understanding of some things then you would not realise. When you see the educated have given up on the most important energy that is well known to save this earth from extinction, But because of their lack and belief in a creator. That is not why this article is written. They have been blocked from ever figuring this simple principle out and how it works. Many good people will bring to life some sort of free energy that we can use, But these items will not be a constant magnetic acceleration energy unit. We know that to be a fact, As this energy will be the ultimate in energy it will literally change the face of this economic world and completely stop all use of fossil fuels permanently. That is why we have possibly found a principle in the laws of physics that has been over looked, and they can not see. Now how many times do we see people siting in front of a TV, watching a sitcom, Hockey, football, or their favourite show. We do not want to tell these people they may have a popcorn brain. We hope they will wake up and realise, They are neglecting the extinction of life. They expect some one else to solve the extinction of life problem. [global warming, climate change ] While they relax, Actually there is probably no one else trying to solve this problem. So they think the solution is of some high tech solution. That is where their solution lies. But are you aware that very few people will actually be able to afford these items. And will not solve the problem! If one is to use these items they will be like using a tooth pick to remove a manure pile, while someone shovels more on! Very few of those in this world will use them. Think that is a solution? Then it is possible they will attempt to eliminate the unwanted and POSSIBLY ELIMINATE YOU WITH A WAR. Think that is fair? Think it will not happen. Wait and see it will be to late. Now if you really want to have these pleasures for you and your children before they are gone let's stop global warming,. stop climate change, And we will all be able to live a long healthy life. So if you want global warming and climate change, Go ahead and join the ranks of those who will be sorry. At our web site link below you will find few videos explaining to a small degree about our research. The reason being. We can not give out our SECRET. We found a error that exists in the laws of physics. This law has been on the books for many years, But unfortunately all the leading teachers we feel have fell into a comma. And can not see this law that is correct yet does lead to another truth. Because of this shall we say error, we need to take strong action to uncover what this will lead to. We are in shock at this simple yet hidden truth. May uncover many items that will be replaced. we think the whole world will actually be shocked. we know for a fact if our research tends to come out true, we will actual devastate those who believe this is not possible. We definitely need this energy to survive. And before they do it to us. If we do not have this energy. It is a well known fact that the leaders of today will be hiding themselves for fear of what will happen. Even you as an educated person can and will probably be hiding your face for ignoring the results of a possible extinction of life through war. If that should happen. What kind of earth will you face after the fact? One with barren land scape. Without trees, water wild life and all void of life. All contaminated with radio active particles. Possibly from nuclear fall out. Is that what you want? Is that what you want for your children? We hope to GOD [ who is love ] That is not how you want to come through this. Even in the word of God he says there is no life in death where you are going. So let us WAKE UP before it is definitely to late. Let us stop global warming and stop climate change. And we will all be able to live a long healthy life. Remember your children, Would you like them to suffer in life after you are gone? They would like to live in a world filled with teaming life. And NOT as a world that has destroyed all forms of life through the greed established by many who's only thought is to fill their pockets full on money, something you can not eat or has no life to it. They have got their reward in life. Where is the reward you will want to give your children? We are trying harder then anyone else to bring this to you. We are not concerned about ourselves, Just that we can give this to you without any regrets. Children need a life to enjoy. They do not need to be confined to a given area in life to be brought up as one in a cage or as an animal being told you can not go here or there, because your parents were not diligent enough to make a change in their life that could possibly lead to a better life. Do you really want to see this happen when you are gone and no more able to do a thing about this. When you had the most perfect time to make this change. Remember your children's future, Let us stop global warming, stop climate change. And we will all be able to live a long healthy life before it is again to late. Below you may find a link to our site.

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David Chura, research investigator, field of constant magnetic acceleration. Says Do you want to, stop global warming before it ls to late Then you better wkae up NOW !

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