Stop Premature Ejaculation

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Are you really frustrated and plagued with your premature ejaculation problem? Do you want to stop premature ejaculation, and last longer in bed? And above all, do you want to regain your lost self confidence and shattered personality because of the embarrassment faced before your lady during love play? No man in this world would answer even one the above questions in negative aspect. Any man who is suffering from this problem desperately looks for the ways to stop Premature Ejaculation. Even those who are not having this irritating problem want to last longer in bed in order to impress their women with their incredible sex stamina and long lasting sex act. Sensing this inevitable desire of most of the men, drug and the pharmaceutical companies have manufactured brand after brand of various drugs that claim to give men amazing sex power and vigorous strength. But this is also a wide proven truth about these drugs that if taken for a long time, they leave side effects.
The best formula to stop the embarrassing condition of Premature Ejaculation or lasting longer in bed is not that complex. You are not expected to use up any money for this formula of lasting longer in bed come into action. Just consign a few minutes every day to your sexual well being and you will be building incredible sexual stamina, rock hard penis, young boy erection in a few weeks without taking any drug. This formula includes a few sex boosting exercises and dietary habits that would set a strong foundation for your sex power and a happy married life or love life.
For this you have to locate your PC muscle. To locate your PC muscle, stop your pee when you are in the middle of it and you will feel a muscle contraction that stopped your pee. This is called your PC muscle. You will have to focus on to strengthen this muscle by taking various exercises. Start by contracting it slowly. Take two sets of 10 repetitions each in the beginning and then after slow contractions, start increasing its length. Slowly practice to do it faster. Hold your PC muscle contracted tightly for 5 seconds in the beginning then increase this duration gradually. Do all this slowly and steadily. Never overdo it. If you stick to this plan for 6-8 weeks, you will see clear improvement in your penis erection, tightness and would be able to last longer in the bed and surprise your frustrated lady partner who would never think to get rid of you in future. Secondly, you must pay appropriate attention to your dietary nutrition and food habit. Always try to take a balanced and nutritious diet rich with vitamins, fiber, iron and all the nutrients that are generally useful. Avoid food that causes constipation and drink lot of water and fruit juices. This is the root cause of most of the diseases, generally. Eat green vegetables and fruit in its basic, organic raw form. Such healthy diet is extremely good not only for your sexual health but for the overall fitness.

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