Stockpile Cafe Points by Knowing What Foods to Cook

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It is not recommended that you just use your player as murder only supply of financial gain for 3 reasons. Therefore, in a trial to create cash by killing players, you need to be ready. Secret Hints to Stockpile Cafe Points Are you looking to level your cafe in the quickest way possible? Well if you want secret hints to power level your cafe, you must keep 2 things in mind: -How to get more neighbors to get more cafe points Helping your neighbors is an important part of Cafe World, you can only get so far by playing this game alone.

By doing this process, you will gain a lot of easy experience points quickly and easily. The maximum amount of experience points you will gain is 100 food points for 20 neighbors that you help. Not only do you receive cafe points from helping your neighbors, you will also gain free coins. This is why it is important to have as many neighbors as you possibly can. However, gaining more neighbors can mean that you must send out annoying invitations to your friends on Face book and MySpace. So how do you make lots of neighbors without spamming your friends of invitations?

Stockpile Cafe Points by Knowing What Foods to Cook and When to Cook the Food the food that you prepare for your customers will ultimately decide whether or not you will own a successful cafe. Different foods will give you different amounts of cafe points(CP), therefore you must know what foods will give you the most CP. Preparing expensive foods does not necessarily mean that they will give you the most CP. To know what foods will offer the most experience points depends on 2 factors: -The time it takes for the food to cook -How much CP you gain per serving Not only do you need to know what food to cook to maximize your food points, you will also need to consider creating an efficient cooking schedule to further maximize the amount of cafe points you receive. When creating a cooking schedule, keep in mind your usage of the internet.

If you use the internet often, be sure to make foods that require less time to prepare such as the Bacon Cheeseburger. Repeatedly cook these types of food throughout the day to accumulate lots of CP quickly. However, if you do not use the internet often, remember to cook foods that take longer to prepare. This way you can maximize the food points that you receive at one point in time. But how do you know exactly the best way to make lots of neighbors and what foods to cook and when to cook them to maximize your profits?

Know Exactly When And What Foods To Make And How To Make Lots Of Neighbors With The Cafe World Secrets Guide If you want to know exactly what and when to prepare the food and how to make lots of neighbors without spamming, it will require different strategies that need hours of research. However, if you want to stockpile cafe points quickly and easily without all the hours of research, it is highly recommended to use the Cafe World Secret Guide. This guide is created from all the best secrets of stockpiling cafe points quickly and easily from the top chefs from around the world.

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