Stock Trading Analysis Software - Building My Own Portfolio.

By: KitKat

In trying to better understand what I should be doing with my investing, I've been researching. I think that, even though I'm new to the world of stock trading, that if I can track how a particular stock has done over a certain period of time, I can invest smarter and with less risk

Even though I barely understand or know how to set up a database with the existing software on my own computer and I don't know how best to utilize it, I am looking at stock analysis software to see if I can figure it out. My ability to comprehend some of the software may be a hazard to my being able to track the stock trading world!However if I don't try, I may never get ahead in the trading game.

I found a site called Trader XL today that seems easy enough to use though. After looking at a ton of sites that sell similar soft wear this one is easy and makes sense in the way that they explain how it helps with market research and stock charts.

It offers some great stock market research tools and allows for stock screening as well.The handy tutorial video was a great tool for someone like me who is not as familiar with the functions of Microsoft Excel as I'd like to be.

With detailed, step by step, instructions on how to download current stock reports and over 146 different tracking options, I bet that even I could use the information analysis in a useful way! The reporting agencies are from on line sites that show current updates from markets all over the world and are then imported to your Excel spread sheet with just a few clicks of a button.

They had some really positive reviews from much more advanced market trackers than I am and I think that speaks well of the software and they have some great support from what those reviews said too.

My stock tradingstrategiess could use a boost and this type of software might help my stock research a lot. With being able to analyze the stock market on that many levels, I bet I could make more money faster without as much risk and I'd be able to understand the market trends on my own.

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