Steroid Use - What You Need To Know

By: Gen Wright

Steroids are synthetic hormones which aid a body in creating muscle mass and guarding against the breakdown of muscle density. While all this is a handsome achievement for a drug, it still needs to be taken with a lot of caution and brought only legally with over-the-counter prescriptions based on doctorís recommendation or a trainerís advice.

Steroids as treatment

Steroids have found great usage in treating andropause and menopause concern. Apart from this, they have also been instrumental in fighting certain breast level deformities including enlargement. The steroids are chiefly attached to treating inflammations, pus, and swelling, infections of joints and associated cartilages and ligaments. Steroids can be injected locally or can be taken as pills to treat inflammation. In the former instance, they very quickly make the impression as they directly reach the area of inflammation. As a pill, sometimes they cannot be broken down too easily and assimilated into the bloodstream.

Steroid as performance enhancers

Today, many athletes are joining the steroid bandwagon for greater muscle mass and overall athleticism. The steroids make them more expeditious physically. This way, they can run faster, lift greater weights, swim at a faster rate and so on. But is it really true. Apart from building muscle mass, nothing else has been conclusively proved. This means that the steroids may even fail an athlete in a long run. This is apart from bringing all the side effects and withdrawal symptoms that are generally associated with its extended use.

Steroid abuse

Steroid misuse can create quite a few metabolic hazards in humans. In males, it might lead to shrinkage of testicles. Even the male sex hormone suffers a misbalance and sometimes it results in impotency. It also does a fair bit of damage to the hair follicles and introduces baldness in few stray cases. In males, steroid abuse also leads to cancerous growth of breast cells and lipid abnormality. The former is a case of malignancy which can be fatal if utmost medical attention is not paid to it. The later can cause cardiac seizures.

In women, steroid abuse can result in facial hair and baldness patterns. It also disturbs their menstrual cycle and in stray case lead to extremely early menopause. Women are also known to show depressive traits with regular intake of these products.

Stunted height and premature skeletal growth is a couple of results of steroid abuse in adolescents.

If youíre looking to use steroids please take the time out and research before using any injectable steroid. Many pro athletes and bodybuilders are turning to legal steroids which give the same results. These legal steroids are safe to use and have no side effects. If you really want to build muscle and get shredded then the best option is getting your hands on legal steroids.

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